The Custom Private Event Bar

Segments: 90 - Straight - Straight - 90

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Anywhere you place this bar, it looks like it belongs.

The custom private event bar is popular for parties. It looks permanent and professional in any open area. No matter the venue – back yard, ballroom, garden, commercial building – the custom private event bar can make the space look authentic.

The white panels on the Custom Private Event Bar make it easy to customize the bar for events. Work with your local printer to create large custom vinyl decals with event names, guests of honor names, and more.


  • Four Segments: 90-straight-straight-90
    • Stainless-steel frame
    • White front panels
    • Black acrylic top
  • LED lighting
  • 35lb ice bin with tank
  • Full length speed rail

Available Options

  • Laminates:
    • Rediscovered Oak Planked
    • Antique Tobacco Pine
    • Scorched Chestnut
    • Forged Steel
  • 0-2 35lb ice bin(s) with tank