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The bar is everything you guys said it was! The design is excellent, it's super portable and it's super easy to use. It has given me the competitive edge in my region. - Ray Z., Bartender
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Preferred solutions for bartenders, events, and brands.

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See a Return on Your Investment...Fast.

Reduce lines during peak hours, add a point of sale poolside or grab more eyeballs on your next product launch. Rent out advertising space to sponsors and clients, reduce set up times with staff and handle large events while freeing up storage space.
The bar expands our occupancy. We’re able to utilize more of our space for more sales

Truly Portable

Individually locking, industrial strength casters in steel casings make it easy for you to roll any of our bars from one place to the next


All of our portable bars fold quickly and easily, saving you valuable storage space. Each bar includes a polyester cover to protect your bar when not in use.
Space efficient portable bars

Quick & Easy Set Up

Our bars set up and tear down easily within minutes, saving you and your staff time.
Click on the videos below to see just how easy it is to set up each bar.

See the Bars in Action

Superior Quality Construction

Each bar is constructed from high grade steel with a durable powder coat finish - the same finish used on luxury cars. The interchangeable panels are made out of thick, scratch-resistant acrylic. The result is a rock-solid bar that will impress your clients and stand the test of time.


Our portable bars have high quality construction

Incredibly Functional

Ice bins, cutting boards, speed wells, foldable shelving, interchangeable panels and other handy features ---all carefully included to make your staff’s job easier, so they can focus on what truly matters.

Portable Bar Features

Professional Appearance

The stylish, semi-permanent appearance of our bars will add a level of professionalism to your events. Each bar has been carefully designed to compliment your décor ---instead of taking away from it. VIEW GALLERY
Portable Bars with Custom Printing

Eye-Popping Graphics

Add eye-popping, full color graphics to any or all of the four panels allowing you to personalize a client’s special day, add a company logo or promote a product launch.

LED Lighting

Include LED lighting to create a cool, nighttime vibe or to draw attention to your product. Plug directly into the wall or into the 8 hour rechargeable battery (included) and easily change the color and pattern with a touch of a button.

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Brands the Portable Bar Company have served