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3 Reasons Every Restaurant Needs a Portable Bar

Have you ever thought of buying a mobile bar to increase revenue and keep customers happy during longer than expected wait times? At present, a portable bar is one of the essential needs to handle business spikes during events, parties and celebrations. 1. Maintain Your Service Rate The service rate is integral to a positive dining experience […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Bars

Have an idea for a party or event? With pop-up bars, you can start a party anywhere. Indoor or outdoor events? No problem. Pop-up bars are easily transportable and offer everything a bartender needs. In this post, learn more about how and where to use a portable pop-up bar. You’ll discover pop-up bars are the […]

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Sneak Peek: Auxiliary Ice Bin Coming Soon!

One piece of feedback we’ve heard for the Flash Bar is “more room for ice!” While, the modular ice-bin feature allows you to have storage for ice, it’s sometimes not enough at big events! Here is a sneak peak at our upcoming Auxiliary Ice Bin! We wanted to design a larger ice bin that is […]

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2015 Trade Show Review: Rental Show and Catersource Event-Solutions

Whew! We made it. It’s been a busy few weeks with two trade shows back to back, but we couldn’t be happier. Both the Rental Show in New Orleans and the Catersource Event-Solutions Show in Las Vegas were a blast. Here is a little review of each show. 2015 Rental Show Presented by the American […]

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Portable Bars For Tailgating? Check Out This Party-In-A-Box Bar from Rager Vip Tailgate Cabanas

Last fall, our friends over at Rager VIP Tailgate Cabanas shared with us their unique tailgating setup by which they were using our Compact Portable Bar as the centerpiece in their mobile, party-in-a-box rental for tailgaters. Recently, they shared some footage of their setup in action. Take a look below:   What is tailgating? Unless you’ve been […]

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Flash Bar Road Case- Store, Protect, and Transport Your Flash Bar

The Flash Bar Road Case is custom built to store, protect, and transport the Flash Bar segments when the bar is broken down and not in use. This is for the mobile bartenders, caterers, rental companies, and other Flash Bar customers that have to move the Flash Bar often for different events or purposes. The […]

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Trade Shows In 2015: The Rental Show & Catersource Event-Solutions

Here’s a quick look at our 2015 trade show schedule. We will be attending at least two shows this season. The first of which is the 2015 Rental Show presented by the American Rental Association on February 22-25 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The second show we are scheduled to […]

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Optional Counter Tops on the Flash Bar

In our previous posts, we mentioned some new Flash Bar features that will improve the functionality of the bar. Today, we are excited to talk about a new development that will improve the design and aesthetic of the Flash Bar. The initial Flash Bar came with a thick, glossy black acrylic counter that was easy […]

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The Flash Bar Generation 2.0 – Sink and Ice Bins

It was around this time last year that we were preparing the launch of our all-new modular Flash Bar. The goal was to create the ultimate modular bar for events that could be easily transported, set up fast, and beautifully designed so that you have a professional looking bar no matter where you are serving. […]

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New Flash Bar Segment- 60 Degree Corner Piece

The 60 Degree Corner Piece When we developed the idea for the Flash Bar, we envisioned the ultimate modular bar that you could customize and mold to your desire. We worked hard on the modular components and introduced the first version comprised of a straight segment and 90 degree corner piece. This was the first step […]

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Sale on the Portable Back Bar until September 30th!

The Back Bar is one of our coolest products. If you host any sort of event, the Back Bar is a MUST  have. The bar can be used as a: Transaction bar to make sales Rolling cart to transport supplies and set up for an event Folding ice/beverage cooler to keep drinks cold and serve […]

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How to use the Flash Bar- Silver Moon Brewing Pop-up Bar

The Flash Bar was designed for events. We wanted to make a bar that could be customized and expanded to fit your needs. Whether you are hosting a small party or a large outdoor festival, the Flash Bar can be used to CREATE the atmosphere that you want. This is exactly how Silver Moon Brewing […]

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