Flash Bar Modular System With Back Bar

Flash Bar Buying Guide

Outdoor grade 304 Stainless steel  Ultra-Portable – goes places wheels can’t  Substitute for a permanent bar Mobile bartending / Event bar Ideal for Patios – can be broken down during offseason Can be extended Retrofitting Where to Start | Build Your Shape | Choose Accessories | Panels | Counters | End Caps Why should you […]

Title Header for Foldable Bars With a Custom Twist

Foldable Bars With a Custom Twist

Looking for a custom portable bar for your restaurant, hotel, or catering business? You’ve come to the right place! We designed all of our fold and roll bars to be versatile, portable, brandable, and easy to customize. Custom Features First, you should know that all our fold and roll bars feature panels that can be […]

Branding and the Modular Flash Bar

Inspiring Designs So you’d like to make your bar or cocktail lounge stand out, but you’re not sure where to start. We can help! Sometimes the best inspiration comes from other bars that already turn heads.  Mexico’s Malahat Speakeasy pairs vintage style with modern elegance so customers feel transported to a prohibition-era cocktail lounge. Blending […]

5 Toast-Worthy New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve rounded up some tiny-umbrella-topped new year’s resolutions to make happy hour even happier—all year ‘round! 1. Start a Cocktail Club The first rule of cocktail club is… try a new cocktail every month! You’ve heard of dinner clubs, so why not schedule a monthly cocktail club with your friends? Meet up at a local […]

Aluminum vs Steel_Header

Aluminum vs Steel: What’s Best for Your Portable Bar?

If you’re looking for a portable bar that’s resistant to denting and scratching, lightweight, versatile, offers more storage, is modular, has LEDs, or fits well within your budget, the market is full of great options. However, it can be overwhelming to compare all the portable bars and their features. So, whether you choose to buy […]

Your Bar’s New Side Hustle: Coffee Cart

Time for a coffee talk. According to 2022 coffee consumption stats from sources like PR Newswire and Statista, 66% of Americans drink coffee every day. For the average American coffee drinker that’s about 3 cups a day. So what does that mean for your portable bar? It just got a new, lucrative side hustle!  Your […]

Portable Banquet Bars for Weddings and Events

Successful events are all about presentation and execution. That’s why planners and caterers pay attention to important details that ensure every event is elegantly presented and happens without a hitch—whether it’s a wedding reception or a corporate celebration. All About the Bar However, there’s sometimes one overlooked detail—the bar. If there’s already a banquet bar […]

In the Spotlight: Portable LED Bars

LED lights and LED portable bars have been growing in popularity in recent years. Wondering why? Here are 5 great reasons. Energy-efficient: LED bulbs use at least 80% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs Long-lasting: LED bulbs boast an average lifespan of 50,000 hours vs. incandescent (1,000), CFL (8,000) Cost-effective: Consuming less energy and […]

Why Your Trade Show Booth Needs a Bar

Need help spreading brand awareness for your beverage or event-planning business? Try a trade show! Attend the right one, and you’ll meet potential customers and business partners. First, you’ll need to find the right trade show. Here’s a list of 30 to inspire you, from a food manufacturing conference in Florida to a summer fancy […]

Tailgate Bar Inspiration

3 Secrets to a Winning Tailgating Season

It’s tailgating season. College football games. NFL Super Bowl celebrations. But, there’s still time to market your services to sports fans and find the perfect portable tailgate party bar! Draw the Crowds Experiential marketing is a great way to score clients for the season. Also called engagement marketing, it’s a “strategy that invites an audience […]


3 C’s of Summer: Cocktails, Creativity & Curbside Appeal

The climate is changing… and we don’t just mean the weather. As COVID cases decline and more people get vaccinated, states are lifting dining and bar restrictions. Yet while more customers may head out for drinks or a meal, they’re still cautious after over a year of COVID anxiety. They’re also more comfortable and used […]

Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean: Add Handwashing Stations

If you own or manage a bar, you know handwashing is essential to good hygiene. However, according to the CDC, food workers wash their hands when they should only 1 out of 3 times. This can be a major health and business concern, especially when washing your hands often is one of the key practices […]

A Consideration You May Not Have Thought of For Your Home Bar

Over the past year, our homes have turned into our favorite restaurants and bars as we become our own chefs and mixologists, leaving many people itching for a home bar addition. If you’ve been looking into some options, you may have noticed that it’s hard to find anything between your standard, small bar cart and […]