Aluminum vs Steel: What’s Best for Your Portable Bar?

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If you’re looking for a portable bar that’s resistant to denting and scratching, lightweight, versatile, offers more storage, is modular, has LEDs, or fits well within your budget, the market is full of great options.

However, it can be overwhelming to compare all the portable bars and their features. So, whether you choose to buy a portable bar from us or another brand, we’re here to help you choose the one that’s right for your business! As you’re shopping around, you’ll find that some of the most stylish portable bars are made of aluminum or steel.

Why Choose Steel?

  • In a nutshell, steel is stronger, more durable, and less expensive. Here’s a detailed look at its key benefits.
  • High-quality stainless steel is typically less expensive than aluminum
  • Steel is 2.5 times more dense than aluminum, making it a stronger more durable material
  • Steel’s strength allows it to avoid bending or breaking due to heat or heavy weight
  • Aluminum is more likely to dent or scratch than steel

Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t require any finish. So to sum up…

  • Aluminum is a good option if you’re looking for a uniquely shaped equipment
  • Aluminum is more lightweight and easy to move than heavier steel
  • Aluminum doesn’t require a finish and is rust-resistant unless exposed to salt

Build Your Portable Bar

At the Portable Bar Company, we make steel portable bars. We believe steel lets us provide more value. What we save by using steel, we spend on making our bars versatile, upgradeable, and packed with useful features.

We also make shopping easy! First, use our comparison tool to compare the major features of our bars. Then, use our intuitive bar builders to select the features you want and estimate your cost.

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss