In the Spotlight: Portable LED Bars

LED lights and LED portable bars have been growing in popularity in recent years. Wondering why? Here are 5 great reasons.

  1. Energy-efficient: LED bulbs use at least 80% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs
  2. Long-lasting: LED bulbs boast an average lifespan of 50,000 hours vs. incandescent (1,000), CFL (8,000)
  3. Cost-effective: Consuming less energy and a longer lifespan means a lower electric bill and less money spent on bulb replacements
  4. Eco-friendly: Free of harmful toxic materials, LED lights are 100% recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint
  5. Versatile style: Available in a variety of colors and designs LED lights easily complement any decor or theme

Use LEDs to Highlight Your Brand

Good Mood Lighting

With the right color and brightness, LED lights are an inexpensive way to amp up the ambiance in your bar or venue. Also, certain colors can even trigger positive moods. For example, while blue is calming, green creates a sense of freshness and possibility. 

Draw Their Attention 

For bars and clubs, an LED portable bar can be a good way to draw attention to darker parts of a venue or an additional point of sale at an outside area. We’ve seen bars, clubs, and similar nightlife venues increase revenue by adding an additional point of sale. You can also shine a light on a signature menu or special cocktail you’d like to promote.

Smirnoff Black Mamba Portable Bar BlueOur Smirnoff LED Portable Bar 

Speaking of promotions… We created a set of portable bars for Smirnoff’s Black Mamba campaign in Africa using custom Smirnoff branding and LED lighting. Event promoters were able to use the bars to promote Smirnoff to a new and rapidly growing market.

Add Flair to Weddings

While the bridal party is busy snapping pics, light up the bar and tempt guests to order a glass of bubbly or a cocktail. During the wedding speeches, the unlit bar can be wheeled away, re-stocked, and moved into position for the first dance. Once the bride and groom are ready, program portable bar lights to pulse in time with the music. If you do a lot of wedding business, consider offering customized graphics on a lighted portable bar as part of a deluxe deal, using the bride and groom’s names.

Stand Out at Trade Shows

The most creatively-designed trade show booths are usually the most popular. That means they attract the most visitors, business leads, and have the biggest social media impact. And what better way to stand out in the crowd than with colorful LED lights that highlight your products and booth?

Choosing the Right LED Bar

Not every LED portable bar is created equally. Here are some important factors to consider before you buy.

Vibe and Aesthetic

Look for LED lights that allow you to adjust the color and strobe/flash setting so you can set the right tone at the right time during any event. You’ll also want to strike the right balance between visibility and say… a moonlight-dim ambiance. At a more upscale wedding, solid white lights might be the best choice. On the other hand, at a nightclub, you may want to use an upbeat strobing pattern and change light hues to match the music’s mood. 


Select a bar that can run off a power outlet and battery. If you’re planning on using the bar somewhere that doesn’t have an outlet, make sure the battery is designed to last the length of the event. 6 hours is the standard battery life for LED portable bars. If you’re at an all-day affair, plan to change out batteries or plug in when power is low.

Programmable Patterns 

It’s also essential to be able to adjust the light color and flashing pattern. So, you’ll need a remote or an easy way to change this. Look for RGB LEDs (red, green, blue), since they’ll let you program the LED pattern and mix colors.


You also want to make sure that the LEDs are waterproof. That last thing you want is a spill to short-circuit your lights.

Fold, Roll, and Flash! 

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to shop for a portable bar with LED lights. Rustic, curved, heavy-duty, modular … we offer a wide selection of stylish and versatile bars.

Original Published January 17, 2013. Updated 6/6/2022.