LED Portable Bar

LED portable bars have been growing in popularity in recent years. Advances in LED technology have enhanced the energy efficiency and service life of LED lights and have made them an increasingly attractive option. They’re also growing in popularity as promoters and events professional are increasingly seeing their value as a way to enhance aesthetics and draw attention their brand.

Here’s a few of the different ways we’ve seen LED portable bars used effectively:

LED Portable Bars for Product Promotion

LED Portable Bar

Promotional LED Portable Bar for Smirnoff

One of the ways we’ve seen LED portable bars used is by event and product promoters for bigger brands releasing new products or product lines. When a new product is launched, the initial promotion campaign is critical to the success of the line. This is especially true for premium brands that rely heavily on their brand message and the associated messaging.

This is especially true in the beverage industry where effective product branding and promotion is integral to a new launch. We created a set of portable bars for Smirnoff’s Black Mamba campaign in Africa using custom Smirnoff branding and LED lighting. The event promoters were able to use the bars as a way to promote Smirnoff to a new and rapidly growing market.

LED Portable Bars for Bars and Clubs

For bars and clubs, having a LED portable bar can be a good way to add an additional point of sale and draw attention to otherwise unused or darker parts of the venue. This can help enhance the overall appeal and aesthetic of the venue without a major remodeling or redesign of the space.

They can also be used as an additional point of sale at on a patio or outside area that doesn’t typically get fully used. We’ve seen bars, clubs, and similar nightlife venues substantially increase revenue by adding an additional point of sale. The added advantage of a LED portable bar in that situation is to expand revenue while also improving the aesthetic and doing some effective “inside marketing” to your customers.

LED Mobile Bars for Weddings and Parties

We’ve also seen these bars used at weddings and events. Overall it depends on the aesthetic that you’re looking for to know if this is right for you or not, but we’ve seen them create a really upbeat and positive vibe at weddings. LED portable bars also tend to be professionally designed and manufactured so their equipped to let a professional bartender work at full speed.

If you’re a caterer or event planner, having a portable LED bar can be a great upsell for your service and you can earn additional revenue by renting it out to other planners when you aren’t using it.

Convention Centers and Trade Shows

Another creative use of LED portable bars is as a trade show booth. Though we never would have thought of this ourselves, we’ve seen them used to great effect for trade show presenters trying to draw in more leads.

Some convention centers buy them and rent them out both as a bar at parties and as trade show booths.For companies or individuals that don’t want to invest in a permanent or expensive exhibit for their booth, renting a professional portable bar that lets the draw more potential clients can be a great investment

Important LED Considerations

Not every LED portable bar is created equally. There are some important factors that you need to consider.

Vibe and Aesthetic

What’s the vibe that you’re trying to create? You want to purchase a ar that has LEDs that you can adjust to mer your needs. If you’re using at different venues or types of events, you should look for LED lights that allow you to adjust the color and and strobe or flash setting.

For a more upscale wedding, solid, white lights might be the best choice. At aclub or bar venue you might want to use a more upbeat strobing pattern. Whatever your needs, make sure the bar can do what you want before buying.


Battery life and power supply is another important factor. You need to select a bar that can run both off of a power outlet and battery. If you’re planning on using the bar somewhere that doesn’t have an outlet available, make sure the battery is designed to last for as long as you’ll need it to. 6 hours is the standard battery life for LED portable bars. You don’t want to have a bar set out at an event and then have the power die halfway through so make plans to either change out batteries or plug in if you’re at an all day affair.


It’s also vital that you be able to easily adjust the light color and flashing pattern. That means you need a remote or an easy way to change it. You want to look for RGB LEDs (red, green, blue) since that let’s you program the LEDs and mix the colors to create the vibe that you’re looking for.

You also want to make sure that the LEDs are waterproof. That last thing you want is for a spill to short-circuit your LED lights and cause you a major problem.

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