Draw More Attention With Lighted Portable Bars

Whether you’re running a promotion, launching a new product, or catering a wedding, having a light up bar that draws attention is an effective way for you to differentiate yourself.

A Lighted Bar!

Lighting draws the eye and directs the viewer’s attention. We can’t help but look at the brightest spot in a room! Lighted mobile bars can dominate a room; or just give it a focal point. You can shift people about a big room by using lighted bars, as simply as dowsing the lights on one at the same time as you light another.

Many events have set agendas and moving from one section to the next, especially in a single venue, can be controlled by lighting. There’s nothing new in that – in the past when you wanted people to dance, you turned down the lights and turned up the volume. Time for speeches? Turn up the lights! Lighted portable bars fit seamlessly into making those transitions. The theory hasn’t changed – but there has been a lighting revolution.

LED Portable Bars

Fold & Roll Back Bar, 2 LED colors

LED Light Cords are slim tubes of clear acrylic which can be cut to any shape. The surface is etched to refract the LED light outwards, with effects ranging from a pearly glow to vibrant, slamming color.  Panels can be plain, or customized with graphics for added impact.

Adding lights to a bar attracts attention. The lighted portable bar itself quickly becomes the center of the room.

Turn that to your advantage!

It’s a great way to advertise the caterer, the professional entertainer, the restaurant (especially off-site), the corporate client, or a product on promotion.

The Lighted Portable Bar at a Wedding.

The bridal party are doing the photographs, the guests are milling about greeting each other; light up the bar to draw them over for champagne, or cocktails. At the approach of the bridal party, the lights go out, priming the guests for the next stage.

The bar, unlit and unnoticed, can be wheeled away, re-stocked, and wheeled into position for the next stage. The speeches are over, time for the first dance, and the portable bar lights start to pulse in time with the music. Party on! If you do a lot of wedding business, consider offering customized graphics on a lighted portable bar as part of a deluxe deal, using the bride and groom’s names.

Customizable LED Portable Light Up Bars

Professional Bar Curved Counter Laminated Panels and Fold & Roll Back Bar

With LED lights, your lighting can adjust to match any color scheme,  corporate logo or decorative effect you need. It can be funky or subdued, hammer home an advertising message or reinforce a theme.

Lighted portable bars have advantages no permanent bar can match because they can come and go, drawing attention or fading into the background.  Change the LED light colors at the press of a button to signal a change in the event.

Venue lighting – Why LEDs?

LED lighting is taking venue lighting by storm. They last longer than traditional lighting options (6.2 times longer than fluorescent lights), and use half the energy. They contain no mercury or lead, so environmental impact is reduced. Higher resolution video panels can produce stunning graphics and video images, and increasingly ceilings, floors and outdoor areas are being transformed by this endlessly versatile option.  It isn’t cheap, but when you need a certain effect, it is priceless.

Lighted Portable Bars makes for great special party effects, especially if you team them with some color on the bar itself

Light up your next event. Choose from a lighted Flash Bar, Professional Bar, Standard Bar and more.