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Flash Bar Exterior Options

Each Flash Bar segment comes with white Aluminum Composite Panels and Black Acrylic Counters.

Both the counter and the panels are inserts that attach to the stainless steel frame. The bar looks finished and modern as is, but there are hundreds of exterior upgrade options that fall within the material types below, that one can use to create a unique look.

Upgrade Options for your Front

(Customer Facing Panels)

HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE PANELS – Comes in wood grains, planked wood, metallic, stone, and colorful patterns. The laminate is attached to the ACP Panel. See https://Wilsonart.com/laminate/design-library for a full list of finish options.

VINYL PRINTING – Wrap the bar in vinyl. Much like a car wrap – we can print most vector artwork including logos, pictures, patterns, and text assuming the design works with the shape of your bar. Vinyl comes in a Matte or Shiny Finish.

LED’s – Comes with 8 color options and multiple speed and brightness settings. Controlled with a remote. Powered by a cordless battery or regular 12 Volt charging cord for US outlets

Upgrade Options for your Countertop

HIGH-PRESSURE LAMINATE COUNTERS – We can match your panel laminate selection. See Wilson Art for a full list of finish options.

SEA BOARD COUNTERS – Available in black or white. This is a marine grade material rated for horizontal install. Good for locations close to the water or environments with high humidity. This is the recommended counter top option if you wish who wish to use the bar outside.

STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERS – Available exclusively for the popular Straight and 90° Flash Bar segments. Made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, this countertop option offers easy cleanup, durability, weather resistance, and contemporary style. 

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