Stainless Steel Counter

for Straight & 900 Corner Segments

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The Stainless Steel Counter is available exclusively for the popular Straight and 90° Flash Bar segments. Made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, this countertop option offers easy cleanup, durability, weather resistance, and contemporary style. 

The Stainless Steel Counter attaches to the Flash Bar frame with bolts that can be removed in order to clean the countertop and frame thoroughly. The bolt-on functionality also allows you to retrofit the stainless steel counter to the Straight and 90° segments of a Flash Bar you already own.

Stainless steel surfaces are known to scratch easily and the Flash Bar Stainless Steel Counter is no different. However, it will remain in excellent condition for a long time with proper care. See the Maintenance & Care Guide for details.

Ideal for locations prone to heat and humidity.