Foldable Bars With a Custom Twist

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Looking for a custom portable bar for your restaurant, hotel, or catering business? You’ve come to the right place! We designed all of our fold and roll bars to be versatile, portable, brandable, and easy to customize.

Custom Features

First, you should know that all our fold and roll bars feature panels that can be removed and replaced—like a photo in a picture frame. So, if you purchase extra panels, you can easily change the look of your bar for different customers, locations, or occasions. And, that’s just the start! Here’s a walk-through of custom upgrade options that will help you design a one-of-a-kind mobile bar.

Panel Options

  • Acrylic – A standard option for our portable bars, these blank canvas panels are great for DIY designs. 
  • Textured Vinyl – Perfect for outdoor use, our premium vinyls have weather-resistant, natural-looking finishes.
  • Laminates – Customizing an indoor bar? We offer 100s of Wilson Art laminates—from natural-looking wood and stone, to patterns.   
  • Custom Printing – Your design department will love this! Fully or partially cover any folding bar panel with full-color, custom artwork. 
  • Cutout Vinyl Logo – Add a logo to any panel option. It’s a great way to add a touch of branding.

Other Upgrades and Add-Ons

  • LED Kits – Add backlighting to white acrylic panels. Or, add an under-counter glow to opaque panels—like black acrylic. 
  • Workspace Features – All folding bars from The Portable Bar Company include a speed rail. Larger bars like the Standard Bar, also offer cutting boards and a stainless steel ice bin (a 2024 upgrade). 
Curved counter professional portable bar work area

Above: Curved Counter Professional Bar with workspace upgrades

Find Your Folding Bar

Of course, before you can customize and brand your bar, you’ll need to choose the right bar for your business. A great starting place is our Professional Bar Curved Counter. Even the base model is packed with features like storage space, a speed rail, two ice bins, cup and paper towel racks, and rag and knife holders. It also offers some of our most popular upgrades, including a stainless steel ice bin and a glass rinser. Not sure if it’s the right bar for you? Check out our Product Gallery to see more bars and how customers have used them in their space. 

Make it Yours

Our interactive product pages let you preview your frame and finish selections. They even calculate the total estimated price for any changes and upgrades you select. Visit the Folding Bars page to get started!