Your Bar’s New Side Hustle: Coffee Cart

Time for a coffee talk. According to 2022 coffee consumption stats from sources like PR Newswire and Statista, 66% of Americans drink coffee every day. For the average American coffee drinker that’s about 3 cups a day. So what does that mean for your portable bar? It just got a new, lucrative side hustle! 

Your portable bar can easily serve cocktails under the stars and double as a coffee bar cart the next day. Here’s a quick example for hotel managers. Imagine your poolside bar serving after-dinner martinis, and then frothing morning cappuccinos the next day. 

Coffee Cart Essentials

Customers have already told us that our portable bars effectively double as mobile coffee carts. To explain how to transform your bar, let’s discuss some coffee cart business essentials.

Choose Your Brew

The Distressed Portable Bar customer counter in a coffee bar setup

First, you’ll need to choose your brew.

Drip Coffee: You can serve drip coffee from a table or a cart. This helps save money on start-up costs.

Espresso Drinks: Serving espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos requires more equipment and a higher budget. But, it may draw more customers. 2022 stats show that cappuccinos and lattes tied for the most popular coffee beverage in the US.

Coffee Combo: The priciest option, this requires the most equipment but serves brews to suit every taste, from drip coffee to lattes.

All the Perks

To keep your coffee cart running, you’ll need a portable bar with flexible workspace features that accommodate bar and coffee drink prep, equipment, and service. Think glasses, coffee beans, industrial espresso machine, milk, dishwashing area, and more.

Arkay Professional Portable Bar

Flexible Bar Features

  • Ample storage
  • Optional sink and ice bin
  • Flexible (interchangeable) workspace sections for counter space
  • Interchangeable, custom side panels (for branding, menus, hours, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty casters (can roll while fully stocked)

Check out our Coffee Carts!

Whether you’re looking for a bar business side hustle or simply want to start a coffee business, we have the perfect cart for you! Our Distressed Portable Bar and Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Fold & Roll Bar are a great place to start. Sturdy and stylish with interchangeable panels, they offer all the functionality you’ll need to take your bar from cocktails to coffee. Call us today to design your custom coffee cart and get your side hustle going.

Originally Published June 20, 2013

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