Distressed Portable Bar

Each Bar Has Unique Distressed Marks

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The Distressed Portable Bar is a heavy-duty foldable portable bar station with an industrial distressed look. Each foldable Distressed Portable Bar comes equipped with one stainless steel ice bin, one speed-rail that fits 16 one-liter bottles, a heavy-duty lower shelf that can have custom laminate panels or leave a plain metal finish. Heavy-duty 5″ plated casters allow you to move this portable bar fully stocked, which is able to easily fit 18 cases of 12 oz cans. There are two covers available for this bar so it can be covered when setup or broken down. There is also the option to add work surface lighting for the bartender as well as an 8 color LED system that illuminates the front laminate panel on the customer side.

Every foldable Distressed Portable Bar station is constructed of high-quality steel with a clear coat finish. Each bar has unique distress marks so although similar, no two bars will ever be exactly identical creating a truly custom look. Because this finish is unique, it is highly recommended for indoor use and requires proper care and maintenance to prolong the life span of the bar. Outdoor use may accelerate the patina process on the bar frame.  

The clear-coated steel and laminate work surfaces are designed to be cleaned quickly. When not in use, this bar folds down for easy transportation and storage so it does not have to sit out exposed to the elements for prolonged periods. Two people are needed for set up or break down of the bar, which can be done in 5 minutes without tools! Please note this bar weighs almost 430 lbs and two people are needed to maneuver and transport.

For the paneling and work surface of the Distressed Portable Bar, there are hundreds of laminate options to choose from. Whatever decor you’re trying to match, we most likely have exactly what you’re looking for, or an option that is very close. We work with one of the best-known names in the industry, Wilson Laminate Art. Click here  to view all library options. To prolong the life of the bar, never let the bar have direct or prolonged exposure to the elements. We recommend cleaning, covering, and storing the bar dry when not in use.

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Dimensions & Weight

Assembled / Open 67" W x 48" H x 42" D
Folded 69" W x 47" H x 31.5" D
Weight430 lbs



Ice Bin & Speed Rail

Ice Bin & Speed Rail