The Custom Illuminated Slightly Curved Bar

Segments: Circular - Straight - Circular

2 x Circular Segment $2,250 / each
1 x Straight segment $2,050
End Cap Kit $585

* We have a lot more accessories available – check out all we have to offer here.
* Accessories can be easily moved to other like-shaped segments


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The Illuminated Slightly Curved Bar is meant to stand out. It is an unmissable 12 feet 3 inches long while the slight curve turns up the sophistication. It offers ample storage space and works well as a wine bar for weddings and corporate events.

The white panels on the Illuminated Slightly Curved Bar make it easy to customize the bar for events. Work with your local printer to create large custom vinyl decals with event names, guests of honor names, and more.


  • Three Segments: Circular – Straight – Circular
    • Stainless-steel frame
    • White front panels
    • Acrylic top

Available Options

  • Panel Laminates:
    • Rediscovered Oak Planked
    • Antique Tobacco Pine
    • Scorched Chestnut
    • Forged Steel
  • Panel Textured Vinyl Prints:
    • Calcutta Grey Marble
    • Stained Walnut
    • Reclaimed Wood
    • Chestnut Wood
  • Countertop:
    • Black / White Seaboard
    • Stainless Steel
  • 0-1 35lb ice bin(s) with tank
  • Full length speed rail
  • LED lighting