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Maintenance & Care Guide

Maintenance Care and Cleaning ‐ Stainless Steel Frames, Accessories, and Shelves

– Stainless steels need to be cleaned for aesthetic considerations and to preserve corrosion resistance. Cleaning the stainless steel should be done after each use and before storing.
– The cleaner stainless steel can be kept while in storage, being broken down or even during use, the greater the assurance of optimum corrosion resistance. Some tips on the care of stainless steel are listed below:
• Avoid the use of oily rags or greasy cloths when wiping the surface.
• Don’t use any chlorine‐based cleaner or anything with chloride in it. NO BLEACH.
• Don’t use oven cleaner.
• Do routine cleaning of exposed surfaces.
• Where possible, after cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. Use clean water to avoid
mineral spots.
• On polished finishes, rubbing or wiping should be done in the direction of the polish
lines, NOT across them.
• Clean with soft sponges or soft clothes. DO NOT use steel brushes or steel wool.



Pro Tip ‐ Always check the cleaning agent’s instructions if additional cleaning or time is needed to use the bar with consumables after cleaning.

Maintenance and Care for Acrylic Counter Inserts

– Periodically check that the acrylic counter is securely fastened to the stainless‐steel frame by looking under the counter at the bolts. If loose, tighten bolts on under side with Phillips screwdriver
– DO NOT place any hot pots, pans, and other items onto acrylic. Max temp is 180 degrees F
– In hot and humid environments, cover the bar from direct sunlight and elements, even when it’s in use. Failure to provide the appropriate shade from the sun can cause the counters to warp and in extreme cases, burn people using the bar. The more humid your environment, the less heat it takes to warp the counter.
• If you’re location is a very humid place or near a body of water, we recommend upgrading to Sea Board counters which are more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Sea Board is a marine grade material.
– Remove counter (frame and acrylic) from this type of environment and store in a temperate area when not in use to ensure longevity of the acrylic.
– When storing after use, make sure acrylic is clean and dry first.
– When cleaning acrylic counters, use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge with warm water and a mild detergent. Use clean water to avoid mineral spots.
– DO NOT use any abrasive cloths.
‐ DO NOT use any caustic or abrasive cleaners or cleaners with ammonia

Maintenance and Cleaning of Laminate Panels (If Applicable)

– We recommend Laminate Panels only be used on bars covered from the elements.
‐ If you wish to leave a bar assembled outside with laminate panels, it should be under an overhang with enough shade to block direct sunlight and rain. Then covers should be placed on the bar when not in use.
– If panels become wet, they should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible. Do not leave them soaking.
‐ When storing, ensure that laminate is covered and protected to avoid damage (bubble wrap, cardboard, and/or freight blankets work well)
‐ Store panels indoors in a dry, temperate environment
‐ A detailed list of approved cleaners (for laminate only) can be viewed here:

Maintenance and Care of LED System (If Applicable)

– When building or breaking down the bar, be mindful of the LED strips and connectors. Disconnect all LED strips before removing the panels from the frame (Refer to Set Up Guide)
‐ When running the LED system, DO NOT use the LED battery and direct power source simultaneously. This will drastically reduce the longevity of the LED battery
‐ DO NOT leave your battery charged for longer than 12 hours

Maintenance & Care Guide

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