Rolling Base for Flash Bar

For Straight & Corner 90o segments

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The Flash Bar is unbelievably portable. When broken down, the stylish Flash Bar can be carried over cobblestone and sand, or up a flight of stairs.

What if you want to move the Flash Bar without breaking it down? You can put the Flash Bar on wheels.

The Flash Bar Wheel Base allows you to move the Flash Bar across the room or to slightly adjust its position. The wheel base is made of durable stainless steel and features heavy-duty 3” locking casters. When added to a Flash Bar, the wheel base makes short-distance moves quick, easy and safe. It keeps the Flash Bar steady and in place as you rearrange furniture or redecorate. Use the Flash Bar Wheel Base to move up to four Flash Bar segments together, at the same time.

The Flash Bar Wheel Base is ideal for event spaces with an open floor plan and a flat, hard floor such as convention centers, ballrooms, and lounges. With the fully assembled Flash Bar on wheels, any pair of staff members can easily unlock the wheels, move the flash bar, and lock the wheels back into place.

Note: Flash Bar Wheel Bases are available for straight and 90 degree segments. A maximum of four segments can be moved while connected.


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