Rustic Portable Bar

Upscale, Feature Rich, Quick Set Up. Each Bar Has Unique Distress Marks

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The Rustic Professional Portable bar is a turnkey solution for a portable bar. It’s feature rich design has everything you need to provide a complete bar experience. Every Rustic Portable bar comes with 2 ice bins, 2 cutting boards (the positions of the ice bins and cutting boards are interchangeable), 1 speed rail (fits 1-liter bottles), and a durable steel shelf below for storage. Additional features include 6” shelf above the working surface, cup racks, paper towel holder, washrag holder, knife holder, and a protective canvas cover(fits the portable bar when it’s in the folded position.)

The Rustic Professional Portable bar is constructed of high-quality steel with a durable clear coat finish. Each bar has unique distress marks so although similar, no two bars will ever be exactly identical creating a truly custom look. The clear-coated steel and removable accessories not only make the portable bar extremely easy to clean. The Rustic Professional Bar folds down to 16.5” deep for easy transport and storage. The sides and counters fold down and lock into place with spring latches. It rolls on 8 industrial strength casters and the setup/break down time is less than 5 minutes. The quick and easy folding bar set up allows customers to quickly add a portable bar anywhere!

The Rustic Professional Bar also comes with interchangeable panels that are available in custom laminate, translucent white acrylic and solid gloss colored acrylic. The portable bar panels are brand-able allowing you to add custom graphics and the panels slide in and out of the frame (just like a photo slides into a picture frame) allowing for quick signage installation. The Rustic Professional Bar can be used indoors and outdoors. We do recommend protecting the custom laminate paneling against harsh outdoor elements and covering it when not in use.

Plus, there is an optional LED kit upgrade which makes the entire bar glow. Please note the led kit works by backlighting the panels, so it must be ordered with the translucent white panels to illuminate the bar. When the LED kit is ordered with custom laminate or colored acrylic panels it provides ambient backlighting but will not illuminate the panels. The LED kit is powered by a rechargeable cordless battery system with an 8-hour charge cycle. If you need a light up bar for longer than 8 hours, it can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet. The LED kit also comes with a remote operated controller which has multiple speed, brightness, and color settings. The included 8 colors options are: cyan, purple, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, and red.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction with clear coated rustic metal finish
  • Translucent white, colored acrylic or custom graphics & laminates
  • Elongated panels hide casters from view
  • Optional LEDs
  • Cover Included

Unique to this bar:

  • Rustic clear coat raw metal finish with unique distress marks
  • Folds down to 16.5”
  • 5 Minute set up time
  • Upscale counter design
  • Foldable shelving underneath
  • Cup rack
  • Paper towel rack
  • Rag holder
  • Knife holder

Dimensions & Weight

Open: 65" Wide x 48.5" Tall x 35.5" Deep
Folded: 66" Wide x 60" Tall x 16.5" Deep
Weight: 270 lbs