L-shape Bar

Segments: Straight - 90 - Straight - Straight

1 x 90 segment $1,885 / each
3 x Straight segment $2,050 / each
End Cap Kit $585

* We have a lot more accessories available – check out all we have to offer here.
* Accessories can be easily moved to other like-shaped segments


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L-shaped design is popular for a reason and ours has all the benefits. The layout maximizes the available area which works well for smaller spaces or rooms with unconventional shapes. Plus, the capacity of L-shaped design to separate into distinct zones naturally enhances workflow. 

As a Flash Bar Modular System, its four segments can be used in smaller groups or individually.

The L-shape Bar comes standard with acrylic panels, which are suitable for outdoor use. Optional textured vinyl print panels offer the look of wood or marble for outdoor use. Optional laminate panels are designed for indoor use with over 600 natural, industrial, and pattern finishes available.

Available add-ons for the L-shape Bar include LED lights, sinks, and speed rails.

Interested in more options? Visit the Flash Bar Builder. Add four segments (Straight – 90 – Straight – Straight) to your design, then view the full range of accessories, exterior options, back bars, and extras.


  • Four Segments: straight-straight-90-straight
    • Stainless-steel frame
    • White front panels
    • Black acrylic top
  • LED lighting

Available Options

  • Panel Finish
    •  Laminates:
      • Rediscovered Oak Planked
      • Antique Tobacco Pine
      • Scorched Chestnut
      • Forged Steel
    •  Textured Vinyl Print:
      • Calcutta Grey Marble
      • Stained Walnut
      • Reclaimed Wood
      • Chestnut Wood
  • 0-2 35lb ice bin/s with tank
  • Self Contained Sink – Hot & Room Temp Water
  • 0-2 Full-length Speed Rail/s