Why Our Portable Bar Is The Best In The World

Here at Portable Bar Company we designed our bar based on what we saw was lacking in other bars currently on the market. We noticed that these bars had been on the market for several years, but had not improved at all, leaving glaringly obvious problems in their design.

Our Portable Bar enhances the image of the brand being promoted

Permanent Feel – Some other portable bars use unsightly wheel covers to hide the front casters and leave their back casters completely exposed. This gives the bar a less professional image and makes it look temporary. We’ve addressed this issue by designing the panels to extend to the floor which hides the casters and gives the bar a permanent feel. This design also hides the bartenders feet or any items stored underneath the bar from customers.

Better LED Lighting – Our LED system has a 6 hr battery, remote, and 133 different preset lighting options designed to grab attention.

Sleeker Look – Some other bars use sheet metal to fill the gap between panels which doesn’t look great. The panels on our bar extend all the way to the edge, giving our bar a more continuous look and a larger area for graphics.

On other bars there is sometimes space visible between the counter and panels. Our counter conceals that space which makes the bar look sleeker.

Our Portable Bar functions better for bartenders and promoters

Unique Features – Our bar includes a rag holder, paper towel holder, knife holder, cup holder, and beer tap holder.

Bigger Speed Rail – Other portable bars can only hold 13-15 bottles in the speed rail. This combined with the inefficient storage underneath can cause the work space to get cluttered with bottles and other necessities. Our speed rail is wider and can hold up to (18) 750 mml bottles in the speedwell. You will also notice that the speed rail on our bar is tucked so the rail isn’t visible from the side.

More Storage Capacity – Underneath the working surface of other portable bars, there are only a couple planks with gaps in between for storage which doesn’t work well. We use a mesh shelving that provides a lot more storage capacity and makes it easy to store bottles and small items. Our mesh shelving also folds up so you can store tubs or trash bins easily.

Professional Portable Bar Loaded 3

Our Professional Portable Bar is the best choice.

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