Complementary Products & Accessories

Each straight segment can fit one speed rail and a drop-in ice bin or sink


Flash Bar Modular Bar sink Learn more

Drop-In Ice Bin

Flash Bar Pop Up Bar Drop-In Ice Bin Learn more

Speed Rail

Flash Bar Modular Bar Speed rail Learn more

Road Case

flash bar accessories road case Learn more

Back Bar

flash-modular-back-bar Learn more

Under Bar Ice Bin

the flash bar auxiliary ice bin Learn more
Flash Bar Pop Up Bar accessories

Stocked Features - Every segment comes with beer tap holders, a foot rail, two shelves and feet with levelers.

Optional Addon - Pick and choose the functionality of your bar by selecting the accessories you need to provide an outstanding service.

Retrofit - All of our accessories can be retrofitted, so if you’re unsure about what you need now, no pressure, come back and order more accessories later.