Industrial-Grade Stainless Steel Equipment

Handwashing | Workspace | Ice Storage

The Portable Bar Company products can be used outdoors for ice storage, as handwashing stations and as easy to clean extra workspace. The following stainless steel product packages have been assembled to simplify the buying process.

Sinks & Workspace

Create temporary workspace and hand wash stations with equipment from The Portable Bar Company. Our basin solutions allow the addition of a temporary sink where plumbing exists or a fully stand-alone sink where no existing plumbing is available.

Self-contained sink options offer the three most important requirements of temporary handwashing stations: five-gallon clean water storage, continuous flow spigot, and greywater discard tank.

The stainless steel construction and removable parts let you clean every inch of the equipment with minimal effort. Additionally, the stainless steel workspace offers ample storage space for supplies.

Available options:

  • Water Heater
  • Black or White Marine-Grade Seaboard Countertop
  • Acrylic Countertop
  • Choice of one, two, or three stainless steel shelves

Ice Storage

Store up to 28 gallons of ice with this rolling solution.

We’ll continue to add packages and options in the coming days according to your needs

If you have a custom package you have in mind that is not offered today, please give us a call at 877-959-4682 or fill out the form below: