Collapsible Bar: Choosing the Right One

Professional collapsible bar

Professional collapsible bar

Are you in the market for a collapsible bar? A collapsible bar offers you the functionality of a bar, but can easily be collapsed down for transportation or storage. While this sounds simple enough, there’s a lot of different options to choose from.

What’s the purpose? Where will you use it?

There are dozens of different options for collapsible bars on the market today. If you’re looking for one, the first thing to take into account is what you’re going to be using it for.

Most collapsible bars are either clearly designed for home or professional use. Collapsible home bars are typically less expensive, usually a few hundred dollars, and are made of relatively thin aluminum or sometimes plastic.

If you’re planning on just using the bar around your pool during the summer or in your backyard, this is probably the best option. Collapsible bars designed for home and recreational use don’t have the professional appearance or functionality of commercial portable bars, but they also don’t have the same price tag.

Professionally-designed collapsible bars are made to be used in commercial settings. They are designed to have all the equipment that a professional bartender would need to do his job effectively. This includes cutting boards, speed rails, and ice bins.

They are typically made out of stronger materials like thicker aluminum or steel that are more durable and stand up better to the constant use of being moved around and served from.

They also put a premium on appearance which often means including LED lights and panels that can include custom branding for marketing and branding needs.


If you’re looking for a collapsible bar, portability is clearly a key concern.

Some questions you should ask include:

Does it have wheels/casters or will you need to carry it? If you want to be able to roll the bar around, make sure it was wheels and that they are high quality. If you’re going to be carrying it, look at the weight and dimensions to see if it’s something you can handle yourself or if you’ll need someone else to help you out.

Are you going to be moving it around in a car? Will it easily fit into your vehicle or will it require a truck or trailer? Considering the weight is also important since you’ll need to know if you can load it into your car yourself or if you’ll need someone’s help.

Set-up/Tear Down

If you’re going to be setting up and tearing down the bar fairly regularly, make sure that you can do that easily. This is especially important if you’re going to be doing it all by yourself.

You should be able to set it up and tear it down in a reasonable amount of time and it shouldn’t require a crew to do it. While it’s hard to judge how long this actually takes by looking at the product online, look for videos or, if they’re not available, call the manufacture.

Professional Mobile and Portable Bars

We’re a manufacture of premium portable bars. Our Standard Bar and Professional Bar are both designed for commercial use. They roll on reinforced steel casters and set-up and tear down in less than five minutes.

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