Portable Bars for Event Rental Companies

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Donna from In Tents Events tells us why she loves our portable bars.

Transport our mobile bars with ease

Portability is a big factor for event rental companies. When clients come into your show room or call your customer service, in the back of their mind, they are worrying about the logistics of their event.

  • How will I get the equipment?
  • What do I need to transport it?
  • Is this going to be a headache?

You know all too well, that transporting the rental is a BIG part of the job.

At the end of the day, you want stock that will rent and be hassle free.

Made for transport, our Professional and Standard Bars roll on heavy duty casters and fold to less than 17 inches to save space. The Flash Bar stacks and stores flat in manageable pieces that fit in the back of a pickup truck.

Conveniently move the bar from your show room to your clients event and back.


The next biggest concern for rental equipment is durability. Equipment that is fragile and can easily break isn’t going to last very long and will be difficult to see a return on investment for rental companies.

Donna mentions in the video above that she loves how sturdy the Professional Bar is. When we set out to build portable bars, we brought with us over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience to build the best bars on the market.

You can put these bars through the ringer.mail-bar-features

This is because our bars feature:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Industrial strength, locking casters
  • Impact resistant acrylic panels
  • Resilient powder coat finish (the same finish used on luxury cars)

This makes our bars incredibly durable during use, transport, and storage. They even come with a polyester cover to protect the bar when not in use.

All our bars are built to last and we stand by our manufacturing promise with our top shelf guarantee.

Full Transcript:

Taylor: We are here with Donna, who just purchased the Professional Portable Bar, at the ARA show. Donna, what do you like about the bar?

Donna: I love this bar. I own In Tents Events, it’s a tent and party rental company in Tallahassee. Years ago I got a portable bar that we love, but this one is way upgraded. It’s really more sturdy, has lots more amenities, and with the LED lights, it’s going to be a big seller. We just love these bars.

Taylor: When you say it’s sturdy, what do you like about it that makes it sturdy?

Donna: I like the top, it’s sturdier, and I like the grading on the bottom. When you fold it up and roll it, it’s not going to be like my plexiglass one, it’s going to a whole lot sturdier for transportation because that’s a lot of it, right there, transportation. And then the customer too. It’s going to be great, I can’t wait.

Taylor: Do you think it will hold up well and what kind of events do you want to use it at?

Donna: I’ll use it at any event who wants to rent it from me [smiles] but we do them a lot at weddings and at big, large galas and things like that. We’ll logo it and brand it too. It’s going to be great.

Taylor: Well thank you so much Donna, we appreciate it!

Donna: Thanks!

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Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
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