4 Ways Illuminated Portable Bars Increase Revenue

Before you make any kind of marketing investment, you need to know that it’s going to help you bring in more business than it costs you to invest. Used properly, an illuminated portable bar can be a highly effective way to drive more sales and enhance your messaging.

We’ve put together four potential opportunities for you to use a customized, illuminated bar to maximize your messaging and branding efforts that are applicable across a broad range of different industries.

Inside Marketing

One use for an illuminated portable bar is as a form of what we like to call”inside marketing.” While many places spend all their marketing budget trying to attract new customers, the ROI on spending money marketing to your existing customers tends to be much better.

For example, if you manage a hotel, marketing to people that are already staying there is a great way to increase the lifetime value of your customers. They’ve already demonstrated that they’re willing to pay you money by staying there once. If you make their experience at your hotel fantastic, there’s probably a good chance they’ll come back if not recommend it to friends.

An illuminated portable bar is a great way to show off your brand in a cool way and create an exclusive, premium vibe. Imagine someone sipping a cocktail at happy hour next to an illuminated portable bar with your brand logo on it. That’s a cool and unique experience that would leave a great impression on them and increase the chances that they would come back and spend more money at your hotel or recommend it to friends or colleagues.

Another way you can use a portable bar and “inside marketing” is to cross-promote other parts of your venue. For a hotel that has a lounge area and a bar or club area, you could use an illuminated portable bar in the lounge area to promote the club. This is an easy way to market another product to an already existing customer and enhance the perceived value of your venue.

Trade Shows

If you’ve ever worked a trade show, you know both how difficult and rewarding it can be. For companies that execute a trade show strategy effectively, it can be a great way to grow their business by generating new leads. The key to doing that effectively is standing out.

Companies usually use either a homemade presentation on a foldout table or a major custom trade show booth.  Custom booths are expensive and not an option for most small business owners while the homemade ones don’t give off the professional appearance you want to create for your business. Perhaps more problematically, it doesn’t draw in new customers since your booth looks the same as everyone else’s.

An illuminated portable bar offers you a way to stand out in the crowd. By customizing the bar with your logo and using LED lighting, you can stand out and help attract more people to your booth at a much better value than a custom booth. You also display a level of professionalism that frames your product more advantageously than a home-made set-up. By drawing more people to your booth and increasing the perceived value of your product or service, you can score a major win over your competitors and take full advantage of the trade show.

Additionally, an illuminated portable bar can be easily collapsed and transported. This means if you frequently do events, it’s much less expensive to ship or transport saving you money and time.

Promoting New Products

When a beverage company launches a new product, it’s essential that they make a big splash. Beverage companies are able to price and distribute their beverages based on the perceived quality. That means it’s essential to do a killer job of marketing the beverage at launch so it’s properly received.

If you’re distributing it from a fold-out table then that’s what your customers will perceive the status of your brand as. (Note: If you like making money, that’s not good.)

You’ll be much more successful promoting your beverages using a venue or setting that creates the air of exclusivity that you want associated with your product. If the first time someone tries a drink it’s an exclusive setting that’s a great time, you can bet that they’ll be back for more. An illuminated portable bar can help you create a frame and presentation that enhances the perceived quality and value of your product.

Additional Point of Sale

Does your venue struggle to serve effectively on high attendance nights? An illuminated portable bar lets you expand your revenue on an as-needed basis by setting up an additional point of sale. If you run a bar, club or handle large events with cash bars, having an extra point of sale can let you bring in more money by making it easier for your guests to buy more drinks while maximizing the vibe.

Using it in a dark space or somewhere that typically you don’t have a way to sell drinks like a patio or other outdoor area can provide significant ROI.

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