4 Perfect Events for a Mobile Beer Bar

mobile beer bar

A Mobile Beer Bar is a great way to spice up your next birthday or corporate party

You want to be able to serve beer anywhere? Come on now, who doesn’t? A portable beer bar can be a great way to bring the party wherever you need it instead of having to choose your venue based on wherpoe the equipment will set-up.

Mobile beer bars give you the flexibility to serve alcohol, beer or other drinks just about anywhere. We put together a list of some of the coolest types of events we’ve seen them used at.


A mobile beer bar is a step above just a normal birthday party. You won’t have any trouble getting friends to show up for this one. If you’re a caterer or event planner, having a mobile beer bar at the next birthday party you host can be a great way to really get the party going.

Company Picnics

While cocktail parties may be the traditional go to for corporate parties, there’s no reason not to mix that up. Especially during the warmer months, having a portable beer bar outdoors at a company picnic can be a great way to get people mingling and enjoying the outdoors instead of being stuffed up in a traditional corporate cocktail party.

For companies that have a young, fun vibe it can be a great way to let everyone relax and unwind while getting to know more of their fellow co-workers. It’s also great for entertaining clients.


Weddings are a celebration and what better way to celebrate than setting up a mobile bar. While some venues have a bar included, many do not. As more and more couples decided to tie the knot in more untraditional locales, having a mobile beer bar that you can take anywhere gives you a ton of flexibility for the reception.


Whether you’re a craft brewer serving beer at a beer tasting festival or a vendor at a music festival, you need a bar that can easily move to and from the location and that offers you all the equipment you need to get the job done.

A mobile beer bar can offer you an easy solution. Portable beer bars roll to wherever you need them and, since they’re made to be used as bars, offer you all the equipment like beer taps, towel racks, and cup holders that you need.

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