4 Tips for Buying the Right Movable Bar

movable barsMovable bars, more commonly called portable bars, are a great way to offer on demand beverage service in a location where you don’t have a permanent bar. Since they are by definitions movable, you should be able to easily set the bar up when and where you need it.

However, there’s a lot of different types of movable bars. Some are designed for home use, while others are made for professional use. Some are made to be folded up and transported in car, while others are best kept in one venue or need to be moved by a truck or trailer. There’s a variety of different styles and materials used to make movable bars.

Since we make a few portable bars ourselves, we wanted to take the time to explain some of the important factors to considers before you buy a movable bar so you get one that fits your needs.


One of the most important, though often overlooked, qualities in a movable bar is it’s durability. Since you’re planning on moving it around, it’s likely to be bumped and dinged a few times. Since it’s a bar, it might also have a few people more than a couple of drinks leaning on it a little heavier than needed as well.

Essentially, movable bars need to be well-built with longevity in mind if you want them to stick around.

Questions that should help you determine durability:

What material are the bars you’re considering manufactured from? Plastic bars tend to be cheaper but are more prone to breaking. Metal bars are more expensive and better suited to commercial use since they’re more durable. However, they’re also generally more expensive.

Does the manufacture have a reputation for quality design and manufacture? While it’s difficult to tell just by looking at photos if the bar is well-built, using the manufacture’s reputation is a good way to know if the bar is likely to last. If you’re uncertain, call the manufacture or ask people in your industry if they have a reccomendation.


Whether you’re buying a movable bar for home or commercial use, you probably have some aesthetic considerations. Whether you’re a caterer, wedding planner, mobile bartender, or just like to grill out, your bar should reflect your taste and your brand.

For some people or brands this means a home made wooden bar, while for others it may mean something flashier like movable a bar with LEDs and custom branding.

Envision what the bar will look like in the spaces you’ll be using it and see if it matches what you’re looking for.


Ironically, many movable bars aren’t all that movable. They can take a long time to set up and break down and be difficult to transport. By the same token, some of them small, easier to transport bars are prone to break since they’re poorly made.

Are you going to be using the bar in a single venue or will you need to transport it? If you’re going to be using it in a single venue or have the ability to load it onto a trailer or in a truck, you’ll have more options to choose from since you can look at something more durable and sturdy.

Is the ability to move it essential or just a luxury? If you’re planning on moving it from venue to venue or in and out of storage on a daily basis, make sure it’s easy to do so. Ask the manufacture how long it takes to set-up and tear down and look at the weight and dimensions of the bar to see if it’s something you can handle moving around.


This goes hand in hand with portability. If you’re planning on storing the bar frequently, be sure you have space for it and that it won’t be taking up too much room. Just check the dimensions listed and measure them against the space you have set to store it.movable bar

Our movable bars are made of industrial strength 18 gauge steel and reinforced acrylic panels for the best combination of durability and sleek appearance. They set up and tear down in less than 5 minutes and roll on hidden, hardened-rubber casters. If you’d like more information, we’d love for you to look at our standard bar or professional bar, send us a message, or give us a call at 877-959-4682.

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