Link Kit

For connecting 2 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Fold & Roll Bars

Sneeze Guard

Available in White or Black brackets to match the frame color of your Professional or Standard Bars This sneeze guard attaches to the Professional Bar and Standard Bar models only. It’s only available in the black or white powder coat finish. It can be retrofitted to models already in the field.

Work Surface Lighting

Includes (2) 12″ LED Light Strips with Batteries

Exterior LED

The included 8 colors options are: Red Green Blue White Orange Yellow Cyan Purple The optional LED Kit includes: Waterproof LEDs installed Sealed, 8 hour rechargeable battery w/ power supply (Optional) Easy-to-use controller and remote


Sink and Ice Bin can both be added to your bar. Position: Left or Right Included: Sink Basin, Faucet, Drain, 5 Gallon Waste Tank, 5 Gallon Clean Water tank, Pump, Vinyl Hoses, GFC Cord, 2.5 Gallon Electric Water Heater, Power adaptor, additional hoses/pipe fittings, and Dual Function Shelf with Cutout

Ice Bin

Sink and Ice Bin can both be added to your bar. Position: Left, Right, or Both* sides of the workspace Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: ? Inner Dimension: 15″ x 19.5″ x 9.5″ Included: 5 Gallon Waste Tank Additional hoses/pipe fittings

Additional Ice Bins & Cutting Boards

The workspace of this portable bar can be re-configured according to your requirements. Below are the possible workspace configurations for the included ice bins and cutting boards. If you wish to have the following configuration, we suggest that you add ice bins or cutting boards to your purchase.

Full Color Graphics

We can print on any or all of the 3 panels of your jockey box cover. If you order a jockey box cover with custom graphics, we’ll contact you after your order is received to get your chosen artwork. The side panels come standard in aluminum composite and you can change it to any other […]

NSF Approved Laminates

Laminate Selection Antique Marula Pine – 8126 Product Type 350 All or any of these finishes: 1, 12, 28 60, 7, 78 Antique Bourbon Pine – 8215 Product Type 350 All or any of these finishes: 1, 12, 18, 60, 7, 78 Old Mill Oak – 7973 Product Type 350 All or any of these […]

ADA Speed Rail

Approximately 4 Feet Long Capacity: up to 10 one-liter bottles * All Speed Rail upgrades include a support bar that fits under the top working surface shelf that speed rail hooks on to.

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