Portable Bar For Sale

Need help finding the right Portable bar? With so many portable bars for sale in the marketplace, choosing the right portable bar can be a challenge. The simplest way to ensure that you end up with the right portable bar is to look at your needs or the needs of your business and make your decisions from there. Below are a couple key questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at a portable bar for sale that will help you determine if you’ve found the right mobile bar.

Rustic Standard Bar with Antique Marula Pine Laminate with vinyl printed cut out logo

Rustic Standard Bar with Antique Marula Pine Laminate

Do You Need A Portable Bar For Home Use Or Commercial Events?

Buying a portable cocktail bar for use around your home is very different than buying a commercial portable bar for events. If you’re buying a portable bar for home use, focus on style and ensuring that the design of the bar fits the décor in your home.

While style and design is still important if you’re buying a portable bar for events or for a commercial establishment, it’s also important to consider a number of practical factors. The portability and durability of the bar becomes significantly more important if it will be subject to the rigors of commercial use. For commercial purposes, you may also want to consider purchasing a mobile bar that’s able to accommodate custom graphics. This will allow you to brand your bar for each event or even turn them into mobile advertising platforms.

How Many Guests/Customers Will You be Serving?

If you’re looking for a small portable bar designed to serve your occasional private dinner parties, than serving capacity won’t be a consideration. But if you’re hosting/serving large events with hundreds of people, it’s important that you select a portable bar that’s capable of handling the high volume of drinks being served.

All white professional bar and back bar

If you’re expecting to serve a large number of guests/customers, ensure that the portable bar you select has lots of storage space for alcohol and bar equipment. You’ll also want to ensure that the bartender can quickly access everything he/she needs. Some features to look for include:

  • A large speed rail that can accommodate a wide variety of different liquors
  • Lots of counter space
  • Mounting brackets for beer taps
  • Ice bins
  • Cup racks
  • Knife holder
  • Towel & paper towel holders
  • Cutting boards
  • Lots of shelf space

The Standard vs. Professional Portable Bar For Sale

Here at The Portable Bar Company, we offer a Professional as well as a Standard version of our classic Portable Bar. While both products are versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of party situations – from casual gatherings to formal affairs – The Professional Portable Bar is best suited for those who need the capacity to serve large, high volume events. With 3 mounting brackets for beer taps, cup racks, towel and paper towel holders, a knife holder, and a large foldable grid storage area, The Professional Portable Bar can handle anything from a small, intimate gathering to large corporate events.

For those with simpler needs, the Standard Portable Bar still offers the sleek design, convenient portability, and rugged durability of The Professional Portable Bar – at a lower price point.

portable bar for sale

Our Standard Portable Bar – For Sale Here.

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