Portable Bar Tables

Are you looking for a portable bar table for your next outdoor event? Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or you just love hosting great parties and need a portable bar for home, you should be thinking of your outdoor portable bar as more than just a place to pour drinks – it should be a display that contributes to the party atmosphere, as well as a tool that frees up your bartender to quickly serve guests and make great drinks.

Choose A Portable Bar Table That Adds To The Atmosphere

Just because you need a bar that’s easy to setup and move around doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cheap looking portable bar table. You should be thinking of it as a full-featured bar that just happens to be mobile – a portable bar that looks sleek, high-end, and permanent. Some features you’ll want to look for in your portable bar include:

High-grade materials – Low quality materials not only shorten the life-span of your portable bar – it also looks cheap. Does the portable bar you want to buy look flimsy? If you’re going for a “family picnic” themed event than a flimsy, cheap-looking bar might do just fine. But if you want your event to look professional or have just a touch of class, than be sure to choose a portable bar constructed from a quality material like high-grade steel.

Slick Design – There are mobile bar manufacturers that value great design and there are those that don’t. Just because a bar is portable doesn’t mean you have to settle for an eyesore. Whether you choose a white bar table or black bar table, choose one that projects the image you want for your event.

Lighting – If you ever host events at night, it’s definitely worth investing in a portable bar table with LED lighting. Having a bar lit-up with tasteful LED lighting can add a cool atmosphere to any nighttime event.

Customizability – If you’re interesting in branding an event or if you have advertising to sell, then why not choose a portable bar that’s able to accommodate your custom graphics? Sure, you can wrap your own decals onto any bar, but it’ll never look as good as a bar that was created with customization in mind.

Professional Bartending Features

Lots of low end portable bar tables are little more than a stack of shelves and wheels wrapped in sheet metal or plastic. But a good bar is more than just a table with a few shelves – it should have features designed to make it easy to prepare and serve a variety of different drinks. Choose a portable bar that has:

Lots of Shelf & Counter Space – At a busy party, bartenders need plenty of room to work and serve drinks. Lots of portable bar tables sacrifice space for portability, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Look for a mobile bar that will give your bartenders the space they need to properly serve your guests.

Cutting Boards & Knife Holder – sure, sometimes you can have your bartender pre-chop limes and other fruits indoors, but it’s not always realistic. The better portable bars come stocked with cutting boards and knife holders.

Towel Holder & Paper Towel Stand – serving drinks is a messy job, your bartender would definitely appreciate having access to a towel and paper towels in their portable bartending environment.

Beer tap mounting brackets – what good is a party without beer?

For a portable bar table that has all these features and more, consider our Professional Portable Bar. The Professional Portable Bar was designed to add life to a party and make your bartender’s job a breeze. Click here to learn more.


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