Portable Bars For Tailgating? Check Out This Party-In-A-Box Bar from Rager Vip Tailgate Cabanas

Last fall, our friends over at Rager VIP Tailgate Cabanas shared with us their unique tailgating setup by which they were using our Compact Portable Bar as the centerpiece in their mobile, party-in-a-box rental for tailgaters. Recently, they shared some footage of their setup in action. Take a look below:

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What is tailgating?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with how popular tailgating has become over the past few years. Essentially, tailgating is just a social gathering outside of a sports stadium or arena, usually in the parking lot, before and sometimes after the event.

The first tailgaters would show up early to the arena before a big sports game and they would “pre-game” in the parking lot by dropping their tailgate on their truck (the first tailgaters drove trucks) and hanging out. This included throwing a barbecue on the tailgate and cooking up some food and having a few drinks in preparation of watching their beloved sports team. Instead of a 3-4 hour sporting event, tailgaters turn the whole day into an event.

Portable Bars for Tailgating

Tailgate parties have grown in popularity over the past few years and evolved from just dropping the tailgate on your truck. People are using all sorts of elaborate set ups to enhance their party experience. We are excited to see tailgaters using our portable bars for their festivities.


The Mobile, Party-In-A-Box from RagerUSA featuring our Compact Portable Bar

The ease of mobility and function of a portable bar makes it perfect for tailgaters looking to step their game up. Our Compact Bar is a great example of a portable bar tailgaters can use to serve beverages because it’s lightweight and folds down to fit into a car. Easily pack up the Compact Bar in your car or truck with all your other tailgating favors and get the party going with a classy, professional set up that is sure to attract new friends and admirers.

Have an Awesome Tailgate Party

With a portable bar, you will stand out among all the other tailgaters with a cool, unique, and professional set up. Attract new friends with your own personal pop-up bar. Our bars make it easy to store everything you need for a tailgate party with the shelf, ice bins, cutting boards, speed rail, and counter. If you really want to show your team spirit, you can add custom branding to the panels on the bars to let everyone know just how big of a fan you are!

Durable for Even the Most Rowdy Parties

Because our bars were built for commercial use by bartenders, restaurants, hotels, and caterers they are designed to handle the toughest environments. Built from high quality, durable steel and impact resistant acrylic panels our bars will hold up over time and constant use.

Quick and Easy Set Up Allows You to Spend Time Partying, Not Building

When you get to the arena, you want to get setup and partying as soon as possible. Our Compact Bar sets up in less than 2 minutes which means you can get started right away hanging out and enjoying your day off, not spending an hour setting up your spot. When it’s game time, simply fold down the bar and store it in your truck or car and be on your way. It doesn’t get any easier than that.