Two Portable Folding Bar Advantages

We’ve been impressed by the variety of ways that different people have found to use portable bars. We’ve seen them used by professional in the events and wedding industries, food and beverage directors and mobile bartenders among others. Here’s some ways that you may be able to take advantage of and use a portable folding bar.

On Demand Point of Sale or Serving Space

One of the main advantages of portable folding bars is that they’re easy to store at  and can be used as on demand points of sale or serving space as needed.

This is great for venues like hotels or convention centers that need on demand bar space to accommodateportable-folding-bar different size crowds at special events such as conventions or weddings. This is useful if the size of your events varies. Instead of having to invest in an additional, permanent bar, you can use a portable folding bar  at larger events and store it easily out of the way at more intimate gatherings. They’re also useful at in house events as needed such as happy hours and staff parties.

Another way we’ve seen venues with multiple conference halls or with a single conference hall and a club or bar take advantage of portable bars is to move the bar between the two spaces as needed or store it if it’s not needed at all. Our bars come with interchangeable paneling so you have the option of customizing the bar for each venue and switching out the paneling as needed.

At bar and clubs, a portable bar can be an effective way of increasing revenue on high volume nights. Instead of forcing patrons to wait in large lines, setting up a portable folding bar can help you increase revenue while making customers happier. Our bars are also customizable if you have specific aesthetic needs at your venue.

Use at Different Locations

Another advantage of a portable folding bar is that it can be used both as a traditional bar and as a presentation booth by professionals who  work events and trade shows.


Wouldn’t a professional looking portable bar make a better impression?

This provides added value for event professionals, mobile bar tending professionals, and caterers. Most of you working in these fields travel around extensively, working at different venues and locations. You also rely on conferences, trade shows, and conventions to get new customers and network with other professionals. A portable bar can serve  you  well in both of these environments.

It’s designed to function as a fully professional bar so it works great for weddings and parties. It comes fully equipped with a speed well, cutting boards, and ice bins so bartenders will have everything they need to provide the best possible service at your events.

However, a portable bar also works great as a presentation booth. Unlike a foldout table, it gives off a clean professional look to help draw people into your booth. You also have the option to customize with your name or business’s name as an additional form of marketing.

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