The World’s Most Expensive Countries To Drink

Did you ever wonder what the most expensive countries to drink were? Look no further, here’s a list of the 5 most expensive places to drink.

The prices are per pint of beer in a bar. Prices will be cheaper if you shop in a supermarket.

1. Greenland

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Price / pint: USD 12.05


Scandinavian countries are some of the most expensive places in the world, due to high taxes and high income levels. Not only is Greenland part of the Kingdom of Denmark (very high taxes!), Greenland’s remote geographical location makes the transport of goods very expensive: Nuuk and Copenhagen are 2204 miles apart.

2. Norway

norway | portable bar company

Price / pint: USD 9.98


Norway is a very rich country. It has vast oil reserves in the North Sea. Norway taxes imported alcohol very highly since they’re not part of the EU. While $10 for a pint of beer may seem expensive to you, Norwegians salaries are so high that they don’t feel prices are expensive.

3. Qatar

qatar | portablebarcompany

Price / pint: USD 9.84


Like Norway, Qatar is a very rich country because it has some of the larget oil reserves in the world. Combine that with very strict Islamic laws, and you have alcohol prices that go through the roof. Very few places in Qatar serve alcohol (mostly expensive hotels) and only non-muslims are allowed to drink.

4. Djibouti

Djibouti | Mobile Bar Company

Price / pint: USD 8.98
Djibouti might be quite a surprise to most people. Djibouti is an Islamic country in Africa. It is located right across the Gulf of Aden, opposite of the Arabic peninsula. Djibouti doesn’t seem like a great place for a vacation: there are pirates, bandits and terrorists. “The consumption of alcohol is permitted, but displays of drunken behavior could result in a two-year prison term.”
There’s not even a UK embassy in Djibouti.
The high price of alcohol is most likely related to the country being Muslim and very few places that cater to foreigners available.

5. Singapore

Price / pint: USD 8.20
There’s no extraordinary reason why beer prices in Singapore are so expensive. Singapore is simply a very rich and very expensive country. One interesting thing about Singapore is the drastic differences in price depending on the goods. While housing and drinks in nice bars and clubs is super expensive, you can also eat great meals for $5.
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