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Nightclub and Bar Show 2014

On March 25th we attended the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. This was our first time exhibiting in Las Vegas and we were excited to bring our line of portable bars to the convention. A lot of the big names in the industry attend this event such as the show’s host, Jon Taffer […]

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Portable Bars for Event Rental Companies

Donna from In Tents Events tells us why she loves our portable bars. Transport our mobile bars with ease Portability is a big factor for event rental companies. When clients come into your show room or call your customer service, in the back of their mind, they are worrying about the logistics of their event. […]

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Flash Bar Pricing Announcement

The Flash Bar is now live on our site and we are taking orders over the phone. The Flash Bar is the first modular bar system that caters to large events. Set up a unique and professional bar on the fly Expand the bar– shaping the serving area to fit your needs Durable stainless steel […]

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$12,000 in Portable Bar Rentals

Allen from Ultimate Rental Services in Chicago bought the Professional Portable Bar back in May of 2013. Since then, the bar has been rented out 20-30 times at $300-$400. That’s between $6,000-$12,000 in less than a year in portable bar rentals! Check out the video below. Donna from In Tents Events loves the upgraded features […]

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Introducing the Flash Bar | Portable Bar Co

See the Flash Bar full break down and set up How is the Flash Bar different from other Portable Bars? Portable bars are great for a wide range of venues; hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, to name a few, but there is one problem. Where they excel in convenience, they are limited in creativity. […]

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The Rental Show

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes says “Trade shows offer an awesome opportunity to really stand out and get noticed.” We are excited to announce the Portable Bar Company will be attending The Rental Show in Orlando, Florida this February. Why did we choose The Rental Show? Quite honestly, we owe it to our […]

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See what a Portable Bar could look like in YOUR venue

Our friends at Sanctuary Lounge use our Professional Portable Bar at their venue to drive more beverage sales on their popular party nights. Watch the video above. Portable Bar Considerations Before buying a Portable Bar, there are a couple basic questions to ask yourself: Where and how will you use the portable bar? Is the […]

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Add Style and Aesthetics to Your Portable Bar

A portable bar is more than a point of sale for your business. A portable bar is a part of your image. It is an advocate for your brand. With the right touch, a portable bar can improve service, draw attention, and drive sales. Design your own portable bar with custom branding to stand out! […]

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Classing the Place Up a Bit – Using a Portable Bar as a Point of Sale

One of the ways that we’ve seen a lot of people use the bars is as an additional point of sale or service in places where they needed an attractive, portable solution. This includes hotels, mobile bartenders and caterers, and  event venues. No More “Build-a-Bar” We recently worked with Theatreworks, a Professional Theatre in Colorado Springs […]

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Creating a VIP Experience: The Budweiser Zone Portable Bar

Whether it’s launching a new product or business, or promoting an existing one, portable bars can be a valuable tools for gaining attention. Well-designed portable bars offer help to create a  professional, attractive presence that can easily be moved around to different events as part of a promotional campaign. We recently worked with Enhance a […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Craft Beer Social Media Marketing

As a craft brewer, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting the word out and marketing your brewery. You probably realize that one of the main things holding back your brewery is getting more exposure for your beer. That’s tough though when you’re already busy brewing, running the business and managing your brewpub […]

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The Secret Ingrethe-secret-ingredient-to-craftbeer-success

Why Your “WHY” Is The Secret Ingredient to Craft Beer Success (and How to Do It Right)

Craft Beer is an increasingly competitive market. We’ve all heard the stats – over 2,400 breweries in the U.S and growing quickly. In 2013 we’re seeing more than 1 new brewery open its doors EVERY SINGLE day. Though craft beer’s portion of the overall market is certainly growing, it’s still only around 10% in dollar […]

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