A Consideration You May Not Have Thought of For Your Home Bar

Over the past year, our homes have turned into our favorite restaurants and bars as we become our own chefs and mixologists, leaving many people itching for a home bar addition. If you’ve been looking into some options, you may have noticed that it’s hard to find anything between your standard, small bar cart and a pricey, full wet bar addition. Rather than turning your home into a construction zone for months, here is an idea to create your dream bar at home that you may not have considered—make it portable!

It works with what you already have

With so many different sizes, configurations, and designs, a custom portable bar allows you to work with your home, rather than require you to change your home around it. Although a remodel would allow you to design a bar that fits perfectly into the space, a common problem is having to rework electrical and plumbing connections, an obstacle a portable bar can avoid, whether wet or dry.

If you already have a wet bar built into a wall of your home, placing a portable bar in front of it allows you to utilize your current setup, define the space, and host without staring at the wall! If you want to revamp the space without full remodel, a portable bar can hide the outdated fixtures and appliances. However, when you are ready to update your entertainment space, you can look into options like a home warranty that will cover appliance repair or replacement for a more affordable solution.

It can move in and out of your home

Having a portable bar allows you to initially set up your home bar wherever you want, but provides you the freedom to change your mind! It can be the center of a party or pushed to the side to create more space. With so many of us dreaming about warmer weather, it can move to the patio for a backyard party or day by the pool. Our foldable bar options can even be taken to a friend’s house!

Finally, it can move if you move. With a full remodel, while you can gain equity, you have to leave your bar and all of the add ons you designed behind, with no guarantee your new house will have one. When it’s portable, it makes the move with you and adapts to your new space however you want it to, inside or out. 

Start building your portable bar

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