Keep it Clean: Add Handwashing Stations

Keep it Clean

If you own or manage a bar, you know handwashing is essential to good hygiene. However, according to the CDC, food workers wash their hands when they should only 1 out of 3 times. This can be a major health and business concern, especially when washing your hands often is one of the key practices the CDC recommends to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Share Handy Tips

So how do you make sure bar employees sanitize their hands properly so they and your patrons stay safe? The first step is proper training.

Portable Hand Wash System

When to wash: Employees should always wash their hands before they prepare food or beverages. They should also wash their hands after they use the restroom, cough, sneeze, blow their nose, pet a dog on an outdoor patio, place a bandaid on a cut or touch their contact lenses.

How to lather up: You’ll find plenty of handwashing how-to’s online. However it’s fairly simple: wet, lather, scrub for about 20 seconds and dry. Also, cold water does the job just fine and may actually be better. According to the CDC, water temperature doesn’t affect microbe removal. In other words, cold water will clean your hands as well as warm water. Plus, hot water is more environmentally costly and can irritate skin.

Add More Sinks

The CDC also suggests adding more handwashing stations to give your staff easy access to sinks. They’re also a great visual reminder to grab some soap and start scrubbing. 

Our Portable Hand Wash System

Not sure how to install more sinks in your bar space? No worries! We make it easy with our portable handwash systems—no installation required. Place our stand-alone handwash stations wherever you need them. Call us today to learn more. The Portable Bar company is here to help your staff and patrons stay safe—and keep your business thriving.

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