Flash Bar in Pearl Sequoia Laminate

Flash Bar Shape: 2 Straight & 2 90 Corner segments (4’5″ Straight Shape) Panels: Pearl Sequoia Counters: White Seaboard

Flash Bar at Gardiners Bay Country Club

Shape: 1 Straight Segment & 2 90° Segments (9ft 5in U-Shape) Exterior: White ACP Panels with Custom Graphics & Black Acrylic Counters Accessories: Speed Rail & Ice Bin Use: Golf Course Bar/Drink Station Customer/ Location: Gardiners Bay Country Club

Amangani Resort Jackson Hole, Wyoming Modular Flash Bar

Shape: 1 Straight Segment & 2 90° Segments (9’5″ U-Shape) Exterior: Dubois Concrete Laminated Panels & Acrylic Counters Accessories: Single Back Bar Use: Portable Patio Bar Customer/ Location: Amangani Resort

Rustic Standard Bar with Antique Marula Pine Laminate with vinyl printed cut out logo

Rustic Standard Portable Bar

Product: Rustic Standard Portable Bar Exterior: Antique Marula Pine Laminate with vinyl printing cut out logo on top Use: Portable Bar

Standard Bar in Black Frame

Product: Standard Bar in black frame Panel: Colombian Walnut Laminate Counter: Calcutta Oro laminate

Flash Bar Modular System Antique Limed Pine Laminate

Flash Bar Antique Limed Pine Laminate

Shape: 4 Straights, 2 90 Corners, 3 End Cap Kits Exterior: ACP Panels in Antique Limed Pine Laminate

Flash Bar Modular System Two Circular Segments

Flash Bar Laminated Panels Black Seaboard Counters

Flash Bar Shape: 2 Circular Segments Exterior: Laminated Panels, Black Seaboard Counters Accessories: Drop-In Ice Bin and Sink Additional Product: Under Bar Ice Bin

Sazerac House Professional Bar - Front View

Sazerac House Professional Bar

Product: The Professional Bar with Black Frame Panels: Scorched Chestnut Laminate with Cutout Vinyl Logo Use: Distillery Tasting Room

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