Dark Sky Distillery

Product: Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Fold & Roll Bar Panels: Black Acrylic Panels with Custom Graphics & LED Lighting  

Sky Top Flash Bar

Flash Bar Shape: 4 44″ Circular Segments Panels: White Acrylic Panels with LED Backlighting Counters: White Seaboard Additional Product: 1 Flash Bar Back Bar with LED Backlighting

Modular Flash Bar Setup Blue Vinyl Print

Flash Bar in Matte Vinyl Print and 2 Back Bars

Flash Bar Shape: 3 Circular Segments Exterior: Matte Vinyl Print , Black Seaboard Counters Accessories: 2 Drop-In Ice Bins and Sink Additional Product: 2 Flash Bar Back Bars linked Back Bar Addons: Cabinet door, LED light, and Top Sign Holder

Flash Bar with Antique Tobacco Pine Laminate

Shape: 2 Straight & 2 90o Corner Segments (4’5″ Straight Shape) Front Bar Panels: Antique Tobacco Pine Laminate, Back Bar Panels: Black Acrylic Panels

Flash Bar Modular System With Back Bar

Flash Bar Laminated Panels White Seaboard Counters With Back Bar

Flash Bar Shape: 2 44″ Circular Segments & 1 Straight Segment Panels: Marble Laminate with LED Backlighting Counters: White Seaboard Accessories: Drop-In Ice Bin, Under Bar Ice Bin, and Sink Additional Product: 2 Flash Bar Back Bar linked Back Bar Addons: cabinet doors and LED lights

Gibsons Steakhouse Flash Bar

Shape: 2 Straight & 1 90° Segments (10’10” L Shape) Exterior: Oak Laminated Panels & Acrylic Counters Accessories: LED Lighting Use: Steakhouse Banquet Room Bar Customer/ Location: Gibsons Steakhouse  

Briar Club Professional Bar with black frame - Front View

Briar Club Professional and Compact Bars

Product: Professional and Compact Bars with Black Frame Panels: Antique Tobacco Pine with Cutout Vinyl Logo Use: Clubhouse Bar

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