How to Create a Rustic-Distressed Look for Your Restaurant

rustic portable bar

Portable rustic bars are a wonderful trend that has found its way into a variety of settings, including many trendy restaurants & wineries. If you want to give your business an edge with this look but are afraid to do something too risky, then let us reassure you. Quality-made Rustic Portable Bars can incorporate the distressed, rustic look you are trying to obtain without taking away the elegance and class of your restaurant. They achieve this by creating a space that looks very natural and comfortable without making it look worn out and old. Here are a few ideas on how to make a distressed rustic bar work for your restaurant, cafe, bistro, winery or any other business looking to achieve a rustic, distressed or industrial look.

More style and less distress. You need a balance when incorporating the rustic look into your restaurant design. This is why having a portable bar is key. Portable bars with rustic finish metal frames are pieces of decor that can easily be rearranged and the panels can be changed later if you need to rebrand or change your look. That means you don’t have to commit to distressed hardwood floors or reclaimed bar countertops. Keep it simple. Rustic bars are one of the best ways to incorporate this casual style into a restaurant, tasting room, winery or any other business.

rustic mobile barBy keeping your distressed surfaces to a minimum, you can create a more intentional aesthetic that doesn’t look lazy or like you designed your restaurant from thrift store pieces. Instead, you will create a relaxed vibe for your guests in a setting that shows you have taste and style. If you’re having trouble creating this balance, just remember that the idea behind distressed decor is to look easygoing and informal, not like you’re trying too hard. Balance does not mean equal parts distressed and new-looking. Balance means a lot of undamaged surfaces and a touch of distress. That’s why a rustic bar usually works so well when trying to obtain a rustic or distressed look.

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