What is a Portable NSF Flash Bar?

Portable NSF Certified Bar

First, let’s start off by explaining what NSF is…

What is NSF?

Founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International adopted its current name in 1990 to reflect a global approach to public health and safety that extends far beyond sanitation. Over the past few decades, they have become a leading health and public safety organization, and are accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Standards Council of Canada (SCC), and the International Accreditation Service (IAS), among others.

NSF International currently operates in more than 150 countries but is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., where its OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory is also located. Although the organization has expanded to the global stage, their standardization efforts began in the United States and their presence is still most prevalent in the American market.

Why is NSF Certification Important?

NSF works with numerous standards and public health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), Conference for FoodProtection (CFP), and International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI). The organization also works with several U.S. government organizations, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The agency’s involvement with so many nonprofit and governmental organizations gives it unparalleled knowledge about current product standards and credibility when it comes to enforcement.Using that, it performs rigorous testing to ensure the safety and quality of a product, including the materials it’s made with. NSF standards are compliant with federal regulations, so products that are NSF certified are guaranteed access to the American market.

NSF Certified Portable Flash Bar

How is a portable NSF Flash Bar Different from a Standard Flash Bar?

Having the portable Flash Bar NSF certified lets you know we met the strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced inspections, every aspect of the portable NSF Flash Bars development was thoroughly evaluated before it earned the NSF certification. Other than that the portable NSF Flash Bar is identical to the standard Flash Bar. You can still customize the shape of a portable NSF Flash Bar by using segments that are interchangeable and build on to each other. You can then break them apart to create two smaller bars if you choose to do so by adding an additional end cap kit. You also still have the ability to create custom looks by adding custom graphics to the panels and LED kits with multiple color options.

We are still working on obtaining NSF approval on certain Flash Bar accessories. The accessories that are currently available for the NSF Flash Bar include

  • Drop-In Ice Bin
  • Speed Rail
  • LED Kit
  • Road Case 
  • Flash Bar CaseNSF Flash Bar Products and Accessories

Why Should I Use NSF-Certified Products?

Because of its long-time commitment to public health and safety, both residential and commercial consumers can trust that products bearing the NSF logo are safe and produced to rigidPortable NSF Approved Flash Bar standards.

NSF is one of the most recognized names in food equipment certification and assisted in developing nearly 80 standards and protocols that address the sanitation, construction, and performance of foodservice equipment. Its standards put forth strict requirements for food equipment like pantry units, counters, hoods, and sinks, as well as commercial cooking, refrigeration, and ice making equipment.

Models that are NSF certified adhere to state, local, and federal laws. Products without the certification don’t come with that assurance, which means those in the foodservice industry could be at risk of breaking some of those laws and compromising the health and safety of customers and employees by using uncertified products. Choosing NSF-certified products is the best way to guarantee compliance with regulatory laws in the United States.


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