How to Revamp Your Space for a Home Party

Home Party Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash

The weather’s warm. The sun’s shining. Summer is finally here. It’s the perfect season to host barbecues, cocktails under the stars, patio potlucks and more summer soirees. On the other hand, chances are you never completed your cold weather repairs or cleaning, and your home could really use a facelift before a home party. 

BBQ Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Luckily we can help!We’ve rounded up five fast and inexpensive ways to refresh your space and impress your guests.

Add Some Color

One of the easiest ways to transform a space is to update your color scheme. Certain shades can even trigger specific moods, so do your research before you decide on your new hues. That way, you’ll create the right ambiance. If you have time before your party, a fresh coat of paint really transforms a room. If you’re in a bit of a hurry, switch up your palette by replacing your current throw pillows, blankets and decorative pieces with new furnishings in different shades.

Bring in a Portable Bar

portable-LED-barNothing gets the party started quite like a portable bar. You’ll be able to stylishly display your cocktails and refreshments in one convenient location, instead of haphazardly spread out on your kitchen counter. Add LEDs to create a memorable glow bar for your nighttime parties. Need set up examples or mobile bartending services for your shindig? Follow @PortableBars on social media.

Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Another simple and budget-friendly way to instantly change the atmosphere of a space is to rethink your lighting. Perfect for parties, soft lighting will make guests feel welcome and relaxed. You can simply replace your light bulbs with soft lighting versions, or give your room a chic bohemian vibe with white holiday string lights or paper lanterns. Add your favorite scented candles and fill the space with warm light and a soothing aroma like vanilla or jasmine.

Refresh Your Seating

Sofas. Chairs. Tables. Ottomans. New furniture also has a way of transforming a space. Plus it will give your guests a variety of stylish and comfortable places to kick back, relax and mingle. There are plenty of affordable sofa options online and in stores. So you’re sure to find something that suits your hosting needs and design inspiration.

Keep it Neat With Hidden Storage

Books and newspapers. Pet beds. Remote controls. We all have those everyday items that clutter our homes and can turn into obstacles or eyesores when you’re hosting. This is where the genius of hidden storage options come into play. You’ll be able to stash those things out of sight, make your home look organized and allow more space for party decor and refreshments.

Party On

Now that you’ve given your space a facelift, it’s time to make the guest list, decide on your menu and celebrate summer! If you want to really wow your guests, craft a menu and party theme that match your refreshed space. For example, pair boho outdoor living room lighting with an exotic tapas menu. Or host a white party or wine and cheese tasting in your elegantly updated dining room.

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