7 Ways to Spark Unique Wedding Ideas

Every couple wants their wedding day to be special and unique in some way. Many times, brides and grooms add family traditions or small personal touches into the planning process. Exploring new, unique wedding ideas has become a popular trend. Wedding themes, lighting, music, florals and locations are more over the top than ever before. Here are six ideas to spark your creativity.


Write All Your Ideas Down

When you’re in the initial stages of finding unique wedding ideas, it is imperative to write down every bit of inspiration. If you’re more creative, inspiration boards help with visualization and brainstorming. Adding images, texts, fonts, patterns and fabrics to your board will help you decide what flows and what doesn’t go.

Evaluate Your Budget

A budget is super important when you’re outlining wedding with non-traditional elements. To clear any financial confusion and to assign who is in charge of paying for what, sit down with your fiancé and your families to outline a money plan. As you dive deeper into the process of choosing options for your special day, more and more ideas will arise, and soon, you’ll be wondering how you’re going to incorporate everything you want. If you’re afraid of going over budget, take out a personal loan. That way, you can erase the worries and stress of not being able to afford something that you know will make your day stand out.

Wedding Elements to Consider

An Over the Top Theme


Wedding themes are more incomparable than ever. Brainstorm ways to incorporate your favorite things, how you met, or your future plans into a personalized overall experience. Colors, patterns and textures can combine to create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your wedding. Other elements that can inexpensively add personality to your event are decorations, centerpieces, food, music and custom drinks. Many of your unique wedding ideas will be inspired by your theme. Overall, you want the concept to tie in with what makes your relationship special.

Customized Space

Use backdrops and dividers to create unique, photo-ready spaces. Instead of having one traditional open bar, have a few portable bars throughout your reception to reduce wait times and differ your wedding day from your venue’s usual layout.

Unique Invitations

Receiving a wedding invitation in the mail makes a person feel grateful and excited to be attending such a special event. It is the first detail that a person will analyze, so it is important to make it beautiful– using photos, fancy fonts, or textured envelopes that match your theme. Make it worthy for your guests to hang on the refrigerator!

A Colored Dress

A wedding dress makes a huge statement, and it is one of the symbols of a ceremony. If you’re a bride who thrives off of being non-traditional, make a bold statement by walking down the aisle in a colored gown. Choosing a color may be difficult. To make the process a little easier, think about your theme and location, and correlate your wedding dress with its accents. If you’re saying “I do” on the beach, try a blush tone or cream-colored dress. If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding, look for a red dress. Don’t be afraid to showcase your personal style, even if it may shock your guests.

Guest Games 

One major component of planning a wedding is thinking about the guest experience. Guest games are unique wedding ideas that will not only blow you away, but the friends and family you invite as well. To give your loved ones a laugh and involve them in the love you and your partner share, brainstorm a variety of activities to play that require your guests’ participation. A great reception game called ‘The Shoe Game’ has become a wedding highlight that will give your wedding some pizazz! You’re bound to have a blast quizzing your partner on both funny and serious questions regarding your relationship.

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