Put a Spell on Your Guests with the Portable Bar of Boos & Brews!

Halloween is an exciting time to bring more than just spooky decor into your facility! Some bar managers and bartenders may also overlook Halloween as part of their seasonal bar menu, but they could be missing a great way to get everyone in the mood for the ghosts and goblins.  So get into the spirit this October by introducing Halloween inspired spirits to your menu.  (More details on that later.)  It is the perfect time to celebrate this fun holiday, and you can make the most of it by supplying your venue with a portable bar that makes throwing banquets, events, and parties a breeze!

How do you celebrate Halloween? You need to bring the excitement of the holiday into the space! The easiest way to bring your Halloween ideas into an area, event, or a mobile bar is through customizing the appearance of your bar. The Portable Bar Company can make your customization dreams a reality. You no longer have to feel stuck with the same look every time you set up for an event. Custom panels allow you to bring color, themes, and branding to your bar instantaneously!

The Portable Bar: A Unique Option for the Modern Day Business Owner

The Portable Bar Company offers the ease of bringing your business anywhere with the professional style of a bar you would find in a pub or upscale location. The unique experience you will find with this product is unlike any other and results in a sophisticated piece of equipment that brings your next event style and party all in one.

Professional Bar with Full Moon panels

The Professional Bar with Full Moon Party panels

The Benefits of Portability

There are so many great reasons to invest in a portable bar for your company. We work with a number of clients across various venues, including

  • Catering companies
  • Event companies
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

We make your services easier, transportable, and customizable in an effortless manner. You can bring your bar on the road or move it to an external location, like a rooftop or outdoor patio. Your company will save time and money on obtaining a permit to build a permanent structure by having a collapsible one available at all times.

Hosting private events has never been easier! Moreover, in conjunction with our portable bar, your next holiday or private event can pair up with a state-of-the-art hostess station. Both can be customized for your next Halloween event and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Flash bar with 90 degree and Fright Night panels

The Flash Bar with a 90 degree, with Fright Night panels

Reverse, Reverse!

While your guests may be doing the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle all night long, we are talking about more than a direction in a dance song. The company is proud to announce the newest model that will make your bar stand out this holiday season–The Reverse 90 Degree Flash Bar!  This segment was designed to make the most of a corner space in a room or covered patio.

Fright Night Flash Bar with Rev 90

Fright Night panels on the Flash Bar with the Reverse 90


The Reverse 90 Degree Flash Bar

Our newest and most innovative design to come to The Portable Bar Company is the Reverse 90 Degree Flash Bar. This new model allows you to set your event bar right up into a corner. It takes up less of the customer’s open space for other activities by following the 90° angle of the wall, instead of boxing it in. Additionally, the reverse design allows for more counter space and more workspace for your bartenders.  For a sexy curve look, it can also be paired up with the regular Flash Bar 90° to make S-Shaped curves and/or dramatically curved shapes.

Our newest model allows for the same customization in a unique, new way. Check out our model including the Halloween graphic. This new look is sure to bring Fright Night to your next event night!

But, What About the Boos?

Before you get ready to open your portable bar this Halloween season, consider preparing some specialty cocktails that your customers will die to get their hands on (not really, but there is a pretty sweet Zombie cocktail on the menu)! Buzztime Business put together a list of ’18 Scary Good Halloween Cocktails’ that we think will make your portable bar a success during your October events.

Use these cocktails as staples for your October bar specials or use them to inspire your own devilish drinks–we know you have some tricks up your sleeve!

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