Modular Bar for Special Events

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How is the Flash Bar different from other Portable Bars?

Portable bars are great for a wide range of venues; hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, to name a few, but there is one problem. Where they excel in convenience, they are limited in creativity. A portable bar is just that… a portable bar. Yes, you can add style with LED’s and custom graphics but sometimes your event requires much more. We created the Flash Bar for this exact purpose. If you are hosting a large event and need a bar that owns that space, the Flash Bar is it.

While other portable bars are about functionality, the Flash Bar is about creating an experience. You will be able to design and craft the atmosphere of your event with the Flash Bar. With it’s modular bar design there are many different configurations. You can use the circular design for a centerpiece or set up a long wrapping bar on the sides of the room. When the design is up to you, you control the flow.

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How does the Flash Bar work?

The Flash Bar will allow you to quickly set up a unique and professional bar on the fly.  The modular bar design allows you to expand the bar, literally shaping the serving area to fit your needs. The simple, folding design makes transportation painless and the set up process quick and straightforward.

The bar is comprised of two pieces– one straight bar about 4.5 feet long and two curved piece at 90 and 60 degrees. When combined you can create multiple configurations and designs on the go.

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What is the Flash Bar made of?

The frame is stainless steel for a professional look while maintaining durability.

The front panel is made out of ACP (aluminum composite panel) which is sturdy and resistant, yet light-weight. It will be a solid white color to match the stainless steel and allow for branding.

The Flash Bar purposely does NOT have wheels or casters. Once this bar is set up, it is meant to be stationary.

Who is the Flash Bar for?

The Flash Bar was designed to cater to larger events and be more versatile. It may be a wedding on grass, a festival on dirt, a hotel ball room, or a cruise line party, the Flash Bar can be configured to a unique design to fit your needs. When the party’s over simply detach the bars, fold them up and you’re on your way.

“Innovation plus imagination equals realization” – Dennis Waitley

Why should I buy the Flash Bar?

If you are looking for a modular bar that you can customize and create elaborate, professional, fun looking points of sale that stand out and make you remember-able at your next event, then the Flash Bar is for you. Made by The Portable Bar Company and backed by our top-shelf guarantee and superior customer service, the Flash Bar is a solid investment.

When will the Flash Bar be available?

The Flash Bar is available for purchase now. Check out the product page and use our online builder to create your own Flash Bar design!

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss