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$12,000 in Portable Bar Rentals

Allen from Ultimate Rental Services in Chicago bought the Professional Portable Bar back in May of 2013.

Since then, the bar has been rented out 20-30 times at $300-$400. That’s between $6,000-$12,000 in less than a year in portable bar rentals! Check out the video below.

[leadplayer_vid id=”530DF6C753826″]

Donna from In Tents Events loves the upgraded features on the Professional Bar. Find out which events she will rent the bar out to.

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Darrell, from, tells us why he purchased the Professional Portable Bar during the Rental Show.

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Curious what these bars look like in an actual live venue? Watch this.

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Lastly, Kaley from The Big Day Rentals wrote us after the Rental Show with this great testimonial:

“We love the bars already…for everybody that comes into our show room the Professional Bar is the first thing that they notice, usually saying “Wow we want that”. Kaley W, The Big Day Rentals

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