Case Studies

The Profit Potential a Rental Company Creates with a Portable Bar

  Most rental companies average $60 to $200+ in profit for every portable bar rental. Offering a line of portable bars is a great way to generate additional revenue from every customer. Think of all the events that use portable bars: weddings, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, concerts, conventions, graduations and almost any other special event. Portable bars […]

$12,000 in Portable Bar Rentals

Allen from Ultimate Rental Services in Chicago bought the Professional Portable Bar back in May of 2013. Since then, the bar has been rented out 20-30 times at $300-$400. That’s between $6,000-$12,000 in less than a year in portable bar rentals! Check out the video below. [leadplayer_vid id=”530DF6C753826″] Donna from In Tents Events loves the […]

Classing the Place Up a Bit – Using a Portable Bar as a Point of Sale

One of the ways that we’ve seen a lot of people use the bars is as an additional point of sale or service in places where they needed an attractive, portable solution. This includes hotels, mobile bartenders and caterers, and  event venues. No More “Build-a-Bar” We recently worked with Theatreworks, a Professional Theatre in Colorado Springs […]

Creating a VIP Experience: The Budweiser Zone Portable Bar

Whether it’s launching a new product or business, or promoting an existing one, portable bars can be a valuable tools for gaining attention. Well-designed portable bars offer help to create a  professional, attractive presence that can easily be moved around to different events as part of a promotional campaign. We recently worked with Enhance a […]

Smirnoff Campaign in Africa

We at Portable Bar Company had the opportunity to help Smirnoff with their Black Mamba promotional campaign in Africa. Our Professional Bar fit their need for a durable and portable solution that would complement their brand. We worked with their art team to customize each bar by applying a durable vinyl print to the front […]

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