Classing the Place Up a Bit – Using a Portable Bar as a Point of Sale

Portable bar Point of Sale

The Standard Portable Bar being used as Point of Sale for drinks and snacks.

One of the ways that we’ve seen a lot of people use the bars is as an additional point of sale or service in places where they needed an attractive, portable solution. This includes hotels, mobile bartenders and caterers, and  event venues.

No More “Build-a-Bar”

We recently worked with Theatreworks, a Professional Theatre in Colorado Springs Colorado. They offer a concession service to give theatre goers a way to buy drinks and snacks at intermission.

In the past, they’d used a homemade “build-a-bar” and fold out tables with table cloths over them, which, while doing the job, didn’t match as well with the elegant experience they were looking to offer.

They wanted a professional, classy looking point of sale that could serve all the drinks and snacks they wanted to offer and be easily wheeled out and stored away when not in use.

An Economical, Attractive Point of Sale

Portable Point of Sale

By adding a cash drawer and credit card swiper, Theatreworks made the Standard Portable Bar into an attractive and effective portable point of sale.

We recommended the Standard Portable Bar to Drew Martorella, Executive Director of Theatreworks, as an economical, attractive point of sale.

The Standard Bar also had all the important functionality they needed with ice bins to to keep drinks cold, plenty of counter space to display food, and wheels so it could easily be rolled out for shows and stored afterwards.


Drew Martorella, Executive Director of Theatreworks, said that the “bar classed up the place a little bit” and fits in well with their theatre.

Theatreworks wheels the bar in and out of a storage nook, where they store it during the day, for performances in the evenings. They’re able to load up the ice bins with cold drinks and offer coffee, tea and snacks. They use the bar as a point of sale by keeping a cash drawer and credit card swiper on the bar.

Drew credits the bar with being “lightweight, portable, not very expensive, and handsome.” (Thanks Drew!)

Adding Advertising?

Drew thought about using the bar for advertising space, but it wasn’t the right move for Theatreworks at the time.

We’ve seen customers use them for advertising and sponsorship opportunities, particularly alcohol sponsors (it is a bar after all…). Because the panels can be printed on with vinyl graphics (like the kind local businesses use on cars), there’s always have option of adding branding later by taking them to a local sign shop.

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