Add Style and Aesthetics to Your Portable Bar

Montalban Professional portable bar

Design is largely a matter of personal preference. We designed our bars with straight instead of rounded frames and elongated panels to hide casters from view because we believe it creates a more permanent, professional presence

A portable bar is more than a point of sale for your business. A portable bar is a part of your image. It is an advocate for your brand. With the right touch, a portable bar can improve service, draw attention, and drive sales.

Design your own portable bar with custom branding to stand out! Add style and aesthetics with LED lights, custom printing, vinyl graphics, or acrylic paint. Let’s look at how each different option can benefit your business.

If you need a portable bar for any sort of promotional, marketing or branding purposes, you’ll likely be considering LED lighting and/or customized printing on the panels.

LED Lights

LED lighting is increasingly popular in portable bars. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and safe and the colors and display can be easily adjusted for different presentations. That means by simply adjusting the lighting, the same bar can be used at an upscale wedding reception or for a late-night party.

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LED lights can be plugged in or, if you need to use the bar in a location where an outlet isn’t available, will come with a rechargeable battery with a long enough battery life to last as long as your event will.

Custom Printing

If you need a bar for product promotion, advertising or to be branded to match your venue, custom printing lets you create a premium and exclusive vibe around your portable bar while promoting your venue or brand.

Our portable bars can be printed on either by applying vinyl graphics or using standard acrylic paint. Vinyl graphics allow you to use custom artwork and graphics. Acrylic paint is just a standard paint applied to the bars.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics let you apply custom artwork to the front, top and side panels of the bar.

portable bar at smirnoff launch party with vinyl graphics

Smirnoff used custom vinyl graphics to draw attention at their Black Mamba launch party.

If you’re doing a lot of different events, vinyl graphics applied to interchangeable panels allow you to switch panels for different venues or sponsors. That means you can order a single bar and either order multiple sets of panels or apply a new set of vinyl graphics to the same set of panels for each event.

Vinyl graphics can be peeled off and the panels can be reprinted at a local sign shop.

Acrylic Paint


Perrier painted our Standard Portable Bar in black acrylic paint for a clean, uniform look. This feature is bold and makes a statement.

If you’d prefer a solid color look, acrylic paint allows you to do that. If you’re using LED lights, it’s important to know that acrylic paint doesn’t allow the lights to shine through as brightly. This creates a more subdued look.

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