See what a Portable Bar could look like in YOUR venue

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Our friends at Sanctuary Lounge use our Professional Portable Bar at their venue to drive more beverage sales on their popular party nights. Watch the video above.

Portable Bar Considerations

Before buying a Portable Bar, there are a couple basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Where and how will you use the portable bar?
  • Is the bar for one venue or multiple venues?
  • Will you leave it deployed permanently/semi-permanently?
  • Do you need to store it every night?

These are important considerations on how portable bars function. You want to think about the portability, storage, and of course, durability of any portable bar you purchase.


If portability is an important factor for you, consider exactly how you’ll be using the bar to determine what best meets your needs.

For Single Venue Use

Professional Portable Bar

The Professional Portable Bar is perfect for single venues. It’s fully featured and stands out in any room. Weighing in at 270lbs, this bar stands 49″ tall and 65″ across., but rolls around easily if needed to move.

If you’re planning on using the bar in only one venue, you can choose a larger, more full-featured bar. All portable bars come with wheels and since you won’t need to load it into a truck or trailer to move to another venue, weight and size won’t matter.

The advantage you have is that larger, heavier bars tend to create a more permanent feel than smaller, more portable bars and there’s little downside to them since you’re only planning on using it in one venue.

Common Uses:

  • A hotel that needs the bars in their banquet room or pool for special events
  • A restaurant, bar, club or other venue that needs an additional POS for special events or high volume nights.

For Multi-Location Use

Standard Portable Bar

Our standard portable bar is a little lighter and smaller, 170lbs standing 49″ tall and 63″ across, than our Professional Portable Bar and so it can be more easily moved up and down stairs or between venues. However, if you have a large enough vehicle and a group to help you transport it, any full-sized portable bar will work.

If you’re planning on using the bar in multiple locations in one venue, or at a variety of separate venues consider the weight and dimensions and how you’ll transport it.

If you have a trailer or large vehicle and/or a crew to help transport the bar, you’ll be able handle a medium-larger portable bar without much trouble.

Common Examples

  • Major Product Promotion/Marketing Campaigns
  • Single Locations with Multiple Venues such as a hotel that has both a banquet hall and happy hour bar in the lobby

On the other hand…

If you need something that you can handle on your own, look for a bar that is light enough to be easily carried by you alone and can fit in your car, truck or SUV.  For the average person and a standard-sized car (like a Camry), this typically means no more than 100lbs and 4’4″ (52 inches) tall.

Compact Portable Bar

Our Compact Portable Bar is designed to be used by a single person and fits in any standard-sized car (like a Camry) or larger. At 70lbs standing 50′ tall and 40′ across, this is bar sets up in less than 90 seconds.

Common Examples

  • Catering and Mobile Bartending
  • Small Business Promotions


If you are planning on keeping the bar in storage for a significant amount of time, make sure you have a bar that truly folds up to a size that can be easily stored in the space you have available.

If you know where you’ll be storing the bars and are concerned about making them fit, measure the space you have available and compare it with the dimensions of the bar.

Furthermore, you want to think about transporting it around. If it will be stored on the same floor as you’re using it, then you are all set. But if you have to move the bar to another floor, you’ll want to check the size of the elevator in relation to the portable bar. If you’ll be moving it up or down stairs you’ll want to check the size and weight of the bar.

Portable bars for storage and moving

Remember, all the portable bars have wheels and fold up quickly to be easily moved around.


A portable bar should last without wearing down or breaking. The primary considerations for durability are:

  1. Material and Design – The bar should be made from high grade steel and have industrial strength casters. The bar should be sleek and professional looking. Removable panels give you the option to customize the look.
  2. Corrosion Resistance – All the hardware should be 100% resistant to corrosion and rust. This means any metal hardware should to be zinc coated. Zinc offers a barrier protection which keeps moisture from contacting the steel and galvanic protection which cathodically protects. it from corrosive agents

All reputable manufacturers will offer a warranty against any defects in their products. If you have any doubts, consult the manufacturer before buying.

Portable Bars

All the hardware on our bars is coated in zinc protecting them from rust and corrosion.

Interested? Questions?

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