Modular Flash Bar made for The American Social Bar

Add More Bar Space without the Licensing Hassles

By The Portable Bar CompanyMarch 27, 2018

  Warmer weather is right around the corner and that means patrons will soon be looking for establishments with outdoor areas to enjoy their food and beverages. Every restaurant, bar, pub and nightclub knows that taking full advantage of your patio area is easier said than done. In order to expand your bar, you have to provide a […]

Modular Portable Flash Bar Segments

2017 Portable Bar Buying Guide

By The Portable Bar CompanySeptember 25, 2017

When deciding what type of portable bar to meet the needs of your business, there are a few things you must take into consideration, such as the look and portability, construction and material quality, the functionality of the portable bar and maintenance. Last but not least, there are the bells and whistles, optional add-ons such […]

3 Easy Steps to Making a Better Hotel Banquet Bar

By The Portable Bar CompanyJune 20, 2017

When walking into a hotel you can immediately “feel” the environment. The small details always have a direct impact on how a person perceives the place. The most minute objects that you really don’t even think you acknowledge can actually create a positive experience or a negative one. If the mirrors are polished to a perfect […]

Portable Bar Maintenance Tips

By The Portable Bar CompanyApril 18, 2017

 Regular Maintenance for Portable Bars When a portable bar sees regular use, it needs maintenance to keep it in good condition. Periodically, owners should dust off and wash their portable bar to prevent dirt and debris from building up. The interior also needs some maintenance to keep it in good working order. Exterior Care Dusting a portable bar with a […]

Craft Beer Marketing

Craft Beer – The Guide to Beer Festival Marketing

By The Portable Bar CompanyAugust 17, 2016

The craft beer movement is continuing to grow at a breakneck pace. According to The Brewers Association, this is almost certainly the first time the United States has crossed the 4,000 brewery barrier since the 1870s. The rate at which new breweries are opening is only accelerating with even more predicted to open their doors […]

Portable Outdoor Bar Ideas – Get the Party Going this Summer!

By The Portable Bar CompanyJune 20, 2016

During the summer months every restaurant, hotel, cafe, bar, and nightclub is thinking about how to use their outdoor space for the summer season. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer people start looking for an outdoor area when choosing where to go for their next drink. Outdoor patio bars are just where most […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Bars

By The Portable Bar CompanyJanuary 19, 2016

Have an idea for a party or event? With pop-up bars, you can start a party anywhere. Indoor or outdoor events? No problem. Pop-up bars are easily transportable and offer everything a bartender needs. In this post, learn more about how and where to use a portable pop-up bar. You’ll discover pop-up bars are the […]

See what a Portable Bar could look like in YOUR venue

By The Portable Bar CompanyOctober 10, 2013

Our friends at Sanctuary Lounge use our Professional Portable Bar at their venue to drive more beverage sales on their popular party nights. Watch the video above. Portable Bar Considerations Before buying a Portable Bar, there are a couple basic questions to ask yourself: Where and how will you use the portable bar? Is the […]

Smirnoff Campaign in Africa

By The Portable Bar CompanyMay 23, 2012

We at Portable Bar Company had the opportunity to help Smirnoff with their Black Mamba promotional campaign in Africa. Our Professional Bar fit their need for a durable and portable solution that would complement their brand. We worked with their art team to customize each bar by applying a durable vinyl print to the front […]