The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Bars

Have an idea for a party or event? With pop-up bars, you can start a party anywhere. Indoor or outdoor events? No problem. Pop-up bars transport easily and offer everything a bartender needs.

Silvermoon rover with the Flash Bar Modular Bar setup

Pop-up bars are the perfect party solution for caterers, event planners, rental companies, and more.

Spontaneity Meets Professional Service

Portable bars are spontaneous and fun. But behind any fun event is meticulous planning and details that attendees may not realize. For corporate events, weddings, and high-profile parties, the pop-up bar combines spontaneity with professional service.

A popup bar is transportable equipment that offers bartenders instant access to the amenities they need to do their job. Though the bar and the party may be here today and gone tomorrow, party-goers won’t know when they’ve had professional service and a memorable experience.

The Rise in Popularity of Pop-Up Bars

While guests are in search of a spontaneous experience, caterers and event planners aim to keep costs low.  This has lead to the rise of pop-up restaurants, bars, and parties focused on providing a memorable experience.

With this mentality and specialty craft beer making waves in the industry, pop-up bars are used to serve beer, wine, and spirits more than ever.

Portable bars make it easier to for bartenders and event planners to serve beverages anywhere. Bartenders love them because they offer easy access to the tools they need.

The best part? You can take portable bars to wherever the party is. Festival in a field? Wedding the mountains? Company event on-site? These bars have you covered. The only remaining question is where will your next party be?

The Best Events for Pop-Up Bars

Grey Goose's Flash Bar Modular Bar

Here are a few popular events to use your pop-up bar.

Weddings: Keep the celebrations going and the dance floor full with beer and wine or a full bar for family and guests. Pop-up bars are a classy addition for any wedding party.

Birthdays: Celebrate the golden years and the adventures ahead with an open bar for friends and family. Perfect for surprise parties, milestone birthdays, and any year worth celebrating.

Tailgate Parties: Pre-game like a pro with a pop-up bar – the ultimate addition to tailgate parties. Show off your team pride with customizable panels and LED lights.

Company Parties or Events: Team building events, client appreciation, seminars, conferences – a sleek pop-up bar complements any company party or event.

Holiday Parties: Toast to the holidays in style with an open bar. Pop-up bars are easy to transport as a rental and work great for catering or bartending companies.

Galleries: Offer your guests something to hold in their hands as they browse your gallery for special events. Portable bars are easily moved for evening events and can be stored when not in use.

Trade Shows: Are you a brewery or distillery looking for innovative ways to market your product at trade shows? Customizable pop-up bars are the ultimate marketing tool to enhance your brand.

Fundraisers: There’s nothing like an open bar to encourage attendees to give generously to a great cause. Make it a fun experience they’ll never forget.

Outdoor Concerts and Events: Whether in a field, the desert, or in the forest, your outdoor concert or event will be rocking with handy pop-up bars to serve attendees.

Restaurant Patios: Summer is the perfect time to host your guests outside. Serve drinks on the patio and add to the atmosphere with LED lights.

High School or College Reunions: Ease the nerves and keep it classy at your next high school or college reunion with a bartender and portable bar.

Race Events: Serve beverages after a race in style from a branded pop-up bar. With customizable panels and LED lights, runners or attendees won’t forget you or your company.

How to Care for Your Pop-Up Bar

Holy Grail Elixir's the Flash bar Pop Up Bar setup

Pop-up bars are made with industrial steel, durable parts, and a resilient powder coat finish. Additionally, they’re built to travel and will last for years after many uses.

Smaller models easily fold down to flat, easy-to-load pieces with industrial strength casters to transport. Meanwhile, the powder coat finish protects its luxurious appearance when storing or transporting between events.

Follow the instructions for each model to open or assemble the bar. Avoid applying unnecessary force to eliminate damage. When handled correctly, the bar should open and fold down with ease.  

It’s recommended to wipe down the bar after each use. Clean and sanitize the bar counter, shelves, cutting boards, and removable features. Keep the bar sanitary after each use and ready for the next party.

Large modular pop-up bars come with protective cases to transport the sections and protect them from dings and scratches. The modular pieces stack, store flat, and can be transported in the back of a truck. Use the protective cases to keep your bar in top condition as it’s stored or moved between events.

The Perfect Pop-Up Bar Solution for Your Next Event

Art of Pour's Flash Bar Modular Bar

The Portable Bar Company offers the convenience of a full bar for any size event. Our line of durable, industrial strength bars is scratch resistant, reliable, and easy to transport.

The Compact Bar

The Compact Bar lives up to its name as our smallest portable bar. It folds down to 7” thick and can be assembled by one person in 90 seconds. This bar comes with an ice bin, removable cutting board, 9-bottle speed well, and a folding shelf.

The Standard Portable Bar

The Standard Bar offers more bar space and comes with two ice bins and two cutting boards. It on industrial strength casters and sets up in five minutes. Perfect for small to medium-sized events, the Standard Bar can be customized with branded panels and LED lights.

The Professional Portable Bar

For upscale parties and events, go professional with our full-service Professional Portable Bar. This bar includes additional features for convenience including a folding shelf, a rag and knife holder, a cup and paper towel rack, and options for three beers on tap. Perfect for weddings, company events, and more, the Professional Bar folds down and rolls on casters for easy transportation.

The Flash Bar

The holy grail of all portable bars, the Flash Bar is sure to turn a few heads. This bar is a modular system making it customizable to any shape. Mix and match segments to fit your space or create your own unique pop-up bar experience. The best part? It doesn’t have to be portable. Set up the flash bar at restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums, concerts, and more. Or, take it on the road to trade shows and catered events or offer it as a rental.



Do you have questions on portable pop-up bars? We can help. Give us a call at 877-958-7906 to learn more about which portable bar is right for you.  

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