The Flash Bar Builder walk through

By The Portable Bar CompanySeptember 29, 2018

The Flash Bar calculator (aka the Flash Bar builder) is available 24/7 and provides a walk-through of all the available Flash Bar options. It is custom designed for selling the Flash Bar online without ever seeing the bar in person. It provides itemized pricing, the footprint dimensions, comparison charts for accessories, as well as modest […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Bars

By The Portable Bar CompanyJanuary 19, 2016

Have an idea for a party or event? With pop-up bars, you can start a party anywhere. Indoor or outdoor events? No problem. Pop-up bars are easily transportable and offer everything a bartender needs. In this post, learn more about how and where to use a portable pop-up bar. You’ll discover pop-up bars are the […]

Sneak Peek: Auxiliary Ice Bin Coming Soon!

By The Portable Bar CompanySeptember 21, 2015

One piece of feedback we’ve heard for the Flash Bar is “more room for ice!” While, the modular ice-bin feature allows you to have storage for ice, it’s sometimes not enough at big events! Here is a sneak peak at our upcoming Auxiliary Ice Bin! We wanted to design a larger ice bin that is […]

Optional Counter Tops on the Flash Bar

By The Portable Bar CompanyNovember 7, 2014

In our previous posts, we mentioned some new Flash Bar features that will improve the functionality of the bar. Today, we are excited to talk about a new development that will improve the design and aesthetic of the Flash Bar. The initial Flash Bar came with a thick, glossy black acrylic counter that was easy […]

The Flash Bar Generation 2.0 – Sink and Ice Bins

By The Portable Bar CompanySeptember 19, 2014

It was around this time last year that we were preparing the launch of our all-new modular Flash Bar. The goal was to create the ultimate modular bar for events that could be easily transported, set up fast, and beautifully designed so that you have a professional looking bar no matter where you are serving. […]

New Flash Bar Segment- 60 Degree Corner Piece

By The Portable Bar CompanySeptember 9, 2014

The 60 Degree Corner Piece When we developed the idea for the Flash Bar, we envisioned the ultimate modular bar that you could customize and mold to your desire. We worked hard on the modular components and introduced the first version comprised of a straight segment and 90 degree corner piece. This was the first […]

Flash Bar Pricing Announcement

By The Portable Bar CompanyMarch 3, 2014

The Flash Bar is now live on our site and we are taking orders over the phone. The Flash Bar is the first modular bar system that caters to large events. Set up a unique and professional bar on the fly Expand the bar– shaping the serving area to fit your needs Durable stainless steel […]