Optional Counter Tops on the Flash Bar

In our previous posts, we mentioned some new Flash Bar features that will improve the functionality of the bar.

Today, we are excited to talk about a new development that will improve the design and aesthetic of the Flash Bar. The initial Flash Bar came with a thick, glossy black acrylic counter that was easy to maintain and looked sharp on top of the stainless steel. However, the Flash Bar was designed to be the ultimate modular bar that is customizable to YOUR needs.

To keep up with that promise, we are working on optional counter top designs. Right now we are looking at a wood counter top and a glass counter top. We whipped up some mock designs and are working out the finer details but here is a preview.

Wood Counter Tops

Wooden counter tops were the original bar top and are a classic design. Millions of bars around the world use wooden bars for their rustic look and because they are strong and durable.

We want to combine this popular design with our modern, sleek, portable bars so that you can have the best of both worlds. The base of the Flash Bar will remain the same, but we will replace the black acrylic counter with a wooden panel as shown below:



Glass Counter Tops

From old fashioned to cutting edge modern– the second option we are looking into is a glass counter top. Personally, I love the sleek and modern feel of glass. The glass counter top will give the Flash Bar a high-end option for counter space. Furthermore, as you can see in the photos below it will enable additional branding on the top of the counter. Check out the mockups:


Flash Bar Modular Bar- glass counter top


Currently in Development

These optional counter tops for the Flash Bar are in development. If you are interested or want to give us your feedback on the design, fill out the form below:


Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
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